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Please share your knowledge, ideas, and questions about e-books!

E book Lingo/Key Terms...

According to

eReader - a portable electronic device used to download and read books or magazines that are in digital form.

eBook - a book in digital form. says...

Enhanced book - multimedia books; contain audio, video and interactive content.

Careen Howard says...

eSingles -a short story in digital format.

*Promoting digital literacy*

Amazon - Kindle - Features

  • Need an Amazon account
  • Read on almost any device
  • Whispersync - Books sync to all devices that have Kindle app (including notes, bookmarks, and highlights)
  • Kindle app; Kindle device
  • Free download of first chapter before purchasing
  • Check out ebooks from library and have it delivered to your device with Kindle app
  • Whispercast

How To Use Kindle App

NOOK - Features


Benefits for using iBooks

How to Use iBooks


Featured (One Best Thing & Common Sense Media)

Collections and Free books

Interesting article about E-Books...

Other E-Book Readers

OVERDRIVE: Borrow eBooks and Audiobooks from your Local Library!


How do I keep up with all of the books I have read or want to read?

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