My Demonic Reflection Dream

By: Tristan Miller & Tim Brown

Now I lay myself to sleep I close my eyes I dare not peep for if I do the darkness shall find me. I cannot out run it because everywhere I turn darkness is there waiting and watching my every move if I mess up then I'll fall into the clutches of darkness. I'm looking for the light but I can't see it i'm praying that I might but there is nothing. I look for a place to hide but I know the darkness is waiting for me to give up it's promising me comfort and warmth like the light but the light is no where to be seen. I'm not sure if I should succumb to the darkness but I know that I've lived in the shadows a long time.

I see a lake I go over to it I look at my reflection and then my reflection changes to my dark demon self and he reaches out for me and pulls me into the water. The water is darker I can't see I'm fighting and I can't breath I'm drowning I'm thinking to myself is this the end am I going to die this way. Then I ask myself a question why me what did I do to deserve this pain and suffering why have I committed myself to the shadows. I ask myself again why it hurts why are we like this and my reflection answers me by asking ''why do you want to leave do you not like the dark?'' I respond saying ''I do it's nice and comforting but it's also an evil because i'm with you I exclude myself from people, family and I don't want to be like you'' my reflection says but ''you are me and I am you'' so my next thought was to try to change my reflection but I can't because it's not possible.

All I know is that the darkness wants me and only when I'm off guard it will strike this darkness is my demon I have to face it myself without anyones help. My reflection laughs is that what you think I look at him in shock but then I remember he is me so we share the same thoughts. I look at him and yell ''SHUT UP!'' I'm mad now I look at him he smiles at me he's telling me all about all the lies and hurt given to us and I tell him to ''SHUT UP!!!'' this time he doesn't take me lightly. I ask him what he wants from me he tells me he wants me to let him and all the hate I have out I look at him and say ''now why would I do that?'' he says because we share the same body.

I now realize what he's trying to do he wants me to let go of everything and let him get me very angry so then I'll end up acting like him. I tell him that just because you look like me and sound like me doesn't mean anything I tell him that he just wants to destroy all that is precious to me then he tells me he will be waiting for any opening I leave for him to strike. Then I start to fade I look at my hands and panic because I look as if I'm being erased then I sink to my knees as if this is truly the end and all of the sudden the light appears and I wake up.

The Teacher that fell in the water

Teacher walking by the river Looking at the water flow Sees a footbridge with no railing Walking while the mower mows Sitting down upon the footbridge Cools her feet and eats a snack Kid comes running, pushing, shoving Rushing like a bar attack She falls in with her cookie Splashing, soggy, wet and mad Gives detention to the student Can’t believe that boy was bad.