Fool Proof Study Tips

For those who feel like fools when it comes to studying

1: Avoid distraction by finding a quiet place to hunker down.

Studying in a place free of distractions such as television, music, and other diversions will help to keep the focus on the material. Keeping apt attention is an important part of the recognition process.

2. Study more often

I'm not saying study every night, but the more often that you go over the material the better you'll do. Set aside a specific time where you can process the information.

3. Organize

We remember material better when we can relate them in clusters. Grouping similar concepts and terms can help to develop the relationships that will lead to easier recall.

4. Mnemonics!

You read right, mnemonics! Creating catchy representations for concepts will help you in recognition and retention of information.

5. Elaborate and Rehearse!

You need to drive the information into your mind using repetition and an in-depth idea of what it is. This will encode the information into your long-term memory.

6. Associate what you know with the new material

This will enable you to easier remember specific relationships and information shared.