Hostess Coaching

Top Tips & Tidbits


You've booked your trunk shows, now what? It's time for the most important piece of the puzzle: hostess coaching!

You've seen Jessica Herrin's 5 steps to 5 shows in 5 days email and the subsequent follow up she does. If you haven't, take a peek in the Stylist Lounge. I love her system, and it goes to show: the difference between a show and a GREAT show is all about the hostess coaching.

Here are some top tips and notes for you:

~ Create a system for hostess coaching. Block time on your calendar to do hostess coaching and plug your tasks into your calendar. Pick an hour on a Monday or Tuesday to get all of this done, so it's out of the way, and you can move onto the other things. A system alleviates stress!

~ Create templates. Use these notes, those you have, or those that Jessica shared and create templates in your email program. You can easily cut and paste the emails to your hostesses. No need to reinvent the wheel every time you have a show!

~ I've found great success with Red Stamp invitations. If you like evite or Paperless Post (or other systems), use those. I'm just sharing what works for me. :-)

~ When I send the Red Stamps via email, I always include the link to shop the show/preview the show.

~ Plug your hostess information into your phone, so you have easy access to text or call her when you see something she'd like or to share new information about the show. Remember, hostess coaching is all about building the relationship with your hostess...become her friend!

~ Look to the home office training for planting sponsoring seeds and what to do during set-up.

~ Don't rely on one method of communication. Just because you're FB savvy, doesn't mean that that's the only way to invite or that's how everyone will respond. Be sure to use as many tools as you have in your toolbox, because someone might respond better to text, mailed invitations, phone calls, or emails!

~ If you're using FB as one component of your invitations, be sure to post frequently in the event with fun celebrity tidbits, style favorites, trunk show exclusives, questions and more! Everyone who's invited to the show will be notified of those postings. Encourage your hostess to do the same.

~ While it is great to coach your hostess to the $1000 trunk show (I like to share what it will take!), always reassure your hostess that you love every trunk show, big and small. This is just an average. But guess what? While you'll still have a few $300 shows, when you set your hostess up to meet the $1000 goal, most times you'll either hit it, come close or far exceed the $1000 mark!

~ If your hostess feels like she doesn't know many people, brainstorm with her on the different social networks.

~ Take control of hostess coaching! Even if you're on day one of your stylist journey, you know more than your hostess. She's looking to you for leadership, and your job is to empower her to become engaged and excited about having a fun show, whether it is $300 or $3000!

I hope you find this helpful...please let me know if you have any questions!


If your trunk show is booked more than 2 weeks in advance, it's a good idea to use a save the date.

Step 1: Talk to the hostess about creating a wish list and the importance of inviting guests from a wide and diverse group of her networks. I set up the trunk show and send her the automated email from the system. We talk about how many guests it's going to take to get the items she desires and how much fun we're going to have at her show.

Step 2: Create a save the date in Red Stamp and then email and text it to your hostess. Add a personal note to the email above the picture that's casual and that comes from the hostess. Here's a sample of a recent save the date:

Big image
Step 3: Send the hostess an email. Here's an example:

Dear ____,

I am so excited about our trunk show on September 20th from 7pm to 9pm! I've just sent your save the date to you via text and email for you to forward on to your guests. In the email, simply delete the forward and send on.

We have an exclusive trunk show link that is dedicated JUST to your show! Feel free to share this link with reckless abandon on your social networks and in all emails/communication about the trunk show. It is: {INSERT YOUR LINK HERE}. You can go in and link this to your Facebook profile and share your event with the masses!

Now...for getting everyone there!

I encourage you to explore your contacts list for people that you may not have thought of to invite to your show ~ older, younger, neighbors, college friends, FB friends, co-workers, former co-workers, kids' friends' parents, etc. Think outside of your initial friend base, and into other networks. I always recommend inviting at least 40 people, and my hostesses that receive tons of free jewelry, invite over 100. Do not worry, you will not have that many people in your house! You will be really surprised as to who will show up and especially, who will purchase. You can expect about 1/3 to attend.

***I would love for you to have at least a $1,000 show, and be able to get 25% in FREE jewels and 4 half-price items. In order to do this, we need 10-15 people there. So, my biggest tip would be to personally call your top 12-15 people and invite them over the phone. Also, ask each one of them to bring a friend. If you do this, you will be set!

I also want to offer an additional invitation option that I highly recommend we do:

Mailed invitations/invites to pass out: Get me a list of snail mail addresses, and I will be more than happy to mail gorgeous S&D branded invitations to your guest list. It has been my experience that mailed invitations make your show better. (There's just something special about getting something in the mail these days!) They're a great reminder and supplement to the emails we'll send. No limit on number I'll send on your behalf! Also, if you'd like to have some invitations to pass around as you go about your daily activities, I'll be happy to drop them to you.

(NOTE: you can also go to the Stella & Dot print shop and send your hostess postcards directly from the site for about $15)


It's always a great idea to book shows in tight! When you have about 2 weeks or less to go for the show, skip the save the date and go straight to an invitation.

Follow the same steps as above, just change the verbiage from "save the date" to "invitation" and use the same email as above. I personally use Red Stamp all the way and leave it up to the hostess to email, but you could also use Evite or Paperless Post. It's your preference so experiment with what works for you!

Here's a sample:
Big image


If you've done a save the date for a show, connect with your hostess 2 weeks prior to her show and send her an invitation to forward on.

Step 1: Call the hostess and share that you are looking forward to her show, and that it's time to do the invitation. Talk about some of the great specials that her guests will enjoy, share some recent press, excitement, etc... Also, plant sponsoring seeds and talk about building her list beyond those she's already invited.

Step 2: Send her the invitation via email.

Step 3: Follow up the invitation with a note saying something like:

Hi Suzy!

I have just forwarded on to you the invite for you to forward on to your guests. If you will delete the forward and send on, it will be on its way. Please copy me on it, so I know everything looks perfect.

Can you think of anyone you forgot to invite since we did our save the date? If so, send this along. They'll never know that another email pre-dated our invitation. As we've been talking about, explore your social circles for people that you may not have thought of- older, younger, neighbors, co-workers, the more the merrier! It is all a numbers game, the more invited, the more that will attend, and the more free jewelry you will receive. :-) This is such a great time to have your girlfriends get stylish for spring and have some much needed girl time!

Let me know if you have any questions...we'll talk soon!


Step 1: A few days before the show, reach out to your hostess by phone to talk about her show. Review final details including what time you'll arrive, what she should wear, etc. Reinforce the keep it simple (just wine and cheese, muffins and coffee, cookies and tea...), and reminder her that the location of the show should be in the spot where everyone gathers. Kitchens are perfect!

I also ask in a round about way how many guests she's expecting. Note: I NEVER ask how many RSVPs she has, because it could lead to an answer she's discouraged with. Instead, say, "Tell me about who's coming! I'd love to learn more about who I'm going to meet." I also tell her that I'm gathering all my supplies together for the show and would love a rough estimate on how many items I should plan on bringing. And finally, I remind her of the importance of texting and calling with reminders. This is critical! People often RSVP and they love a sweet reminder that they've got something fun going on.

Step 2: I text and email her a reminder. Looks something like this:
Big image
Step 3: Send her this email as a follow up to your conversation:

Hi Suzy ~

Great to visit with you. I am so looking forward to Friday. Your guests are going love Stella & Dot!

I have just sent you the reminder email for you to forward on to your guests. Again, please delete the forward and send on to everyone. If you have a chance to make some personal phone calls or texts ~ an action that I HIGHLY recommend ~ it always helps with attendance. Your friends want to know you hope that they come!

Thank you again for being a fabulous hostesses. I'll see you around 6:30 on Friday!


Hostess coaching doesn't end when you pack up and walk out! You can always get additional orders!

Send your hostesses a thank you after the show and remind her that she can still collect orders with guests who couldn't come.
Big image