Paul's Case Project

Kyle Patrick

Point of View

This story is in the 3rd person objective point of view. This gives it the feel similar to that of a case study found in a psychology department at a university. This point of view helps create an unbiased feel yet still leaves room for the author to draw you in and build on the characters character.


Paul is shown as a dynamic character and the author uses an objective point of view to force the reader to build there own idea of who Paul is in this story. This tactic of allowing the reader to do the characterization based on the details keeps the reader involved in the story and helps them to see deeper meanings and symbolism throughout.


The setting of this story is in New York which helps to build on the uncertainty throughout the story. New York City is a city full of uncertainty and a place where anything could happen. This adds to the suspense and helps keep the reader involved.


The red carnation is a symbol of yearning and desire which seems to fit the plot of Paul's case. Paul is searching for meaning yet is unable to find it throughout the story. The symbol of the red carnation that Paul is always wearing foreshadows the continuous search in Paul's life and leads to the eventual ending to that search with his suicide.