My Bucket List

By: Jack Mikell


I want to go to Hawaii because it has sparkling blue waters and in some areas it has black sand. I think black sand is cool because it was formed by volcanic eruptions. You can even go on boat rides to see a wide variety of fish. There are also several different in active volcanoes and one huge one called Kilauea.
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Bora Bora

I think Bora Bora is cool because it is a giant island formed by underwater volcanoes. it also has sparkling blue waters filled with coral reef. The rooms that you stay in come out over the water too. There are also inactive volcanoes which is what i really want to see.
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Doll Island

Doll island is located on the outskirts of Mexico. It's dedicated to a girl that drowned and her doll floated up to the surface. There was a man that saw her drown and saw the doll so he took the doll and started collecting more dolls, saying that all the dolls held her spirit. to this day you can now visit doll island where there are a bunch of dolls hanging from trees and stands. SOME OF THEM ARE SO OLD THEY'RE ROTTING!!! The man just lives on the island of dolls and keeps collecting dolls.
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