Home Design Of The Future

Grade 9 Acedemic Science Culminating Preformance Task (CPT)

Sustainable Ecosystems

My home design would be located in a temperate deciduous forest biome. I would like to have my home near the city but not in it. Arround the house i would place many tree's and flowers as well as a few gardens. in those gardens i would grow mustard, ginseng and asparagus. I would choose an all electric vehicle or a hybrid (Mix between electric powr and gas power) although im not sure wether i would actually use the gas side of the car. I would choos this because its better for the enviotnment, the car would last longer and im just more interested in all electric cars. As for waste management i would have a compost cnter for food scraps which would help my garden and flowers/trees in the area. As for garbage i would try to recycle as often as i can as well as reusing scraps of paper and other materials, i would have normal waste management, but since im out of the city i would rather drive and take the garbage to the dump, producing less emmisions or green house gasses. My family and i would sponsor the polar bear at our ocal zoo, because global warming is having a serious effect on the world and their habitat and since they have nowhere else to go and because it is cold in canada in the winter it only seems logical.

Atoms, Elements and Compounds

Some chemicals that will probably still exist in the future and will definitely be in my home is laundry detergent. Laundry detergent contains 2 main ingredients Ethyl Alcohol and Aminoethanol, these ingredients can be dangerous in the wrong hands.One of the chemicals ( Ethyl Alcohol) is also called Ethanol, it has 2 carbon atoms, 6 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, ethanol is a non-metal.Other chemicals that may be found are toilet cleaner fluid and air fresheners. Besides chemicals in my house buildup can form in the drain causing ammonia, sulfuric and phosphoric acids, lye, chlorine, formaldehyde, and phenol.
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The Characteristics of electicity

Energy for my home is provided by 2 sources. The first source would be solar energy (Solar Panels) providing energy from the sun and storing overflow energy in batteries for night use. This would also be a fail safe for many years because the sun will always be around meaning an infinite renewable source of energy. The next would be tidal power, this is power generated by tides spinning the tidal generators creating electricity, the tides would be produced by tidal generators (placed in a pool) and powered by its own set of solar panels, it would be turned off during night time and any time when its over producing energy, all the electricity created would be stored in large nano-battery compartments. Low structured modern houses would be the way to go when it comes to reducing energy waste since its low winds and other weather factors cant place strain on the building and since its modern it has an irregular shape giving it an edge over winds and extremely poor weather. In term of appliances i would include energy star efficient products that have a low k-w/h usage rate to use less and not to waste more electricity. My home would consist of 2 different types of bulbs CFL's and LED's. LED's are energy efficient but not direct lighting that's where cfl's come in which are energy efficient and have good lighting/warm colors.
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Study of the universe

One of 3 things in my home that are used, which were created by NASA (Used for space exploration) are solar panels. Solar panels were created to power satellites and telescopes through the sun without using batteries.the next item created for space exploration is water filters. This was created to filter water. The last item created is memory foam.