November Newsletter

Blain Elementary School

A Message From Mr. Young

Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled to take place on Monday , November 11 and Wednesday, November 13. Parents/Guardians are able to sign up for a conference at up until the afternoon of November 6. Regardless of if a parent is able to sign up or not, all parents will be issued a conference time and will receive a conference confirmation letter and/or email. Parent/Teacher conferences are an important time for parents to hear from their child’s teacher in regards to the progress he or she is making this school year. Please bring any questions or concerns you may have in regards to your child’s progress. Ongoing home-school communication is essential in creating a conducive learning environment.

This year we are changing the name of Grandparents’ Day to Goodies with Grandparents. This event will take place during the afternoon of Friday, December 6. An informational letter and email will be sent home during the first week of November. This year grandparents will have the opportunity to decorate a cookie with their grandchild. Unlike previous years, we are not encouraging grandparents to take their grandchild home at the end of the day.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child here at Blain Elementary School.

Mrs. O'Toole's Reading Corner

Parents play an important role in their child’s learning and development. Your child is watching you! Be a partner in the learning that happens every day! Learning happens in the everyday moments you share with your child! Everything you and your child do together will teach important lessons that will help them grow and learn about their world.

Family Reading Challenge of the Month: It’s time to take out those delicious autumn recipes and cook with your child. Have your child read aloud the different parts of a recipe including the list of ingredients and the step-by-step instructions. This will help your child to develop vocabulary and build fluency. Even if your child is too young to read, you can read the recipe to him or her and have some fun!

I would love to see pictures of families that try my reading challenge. Take a picture of your child or family as you embark on the recipe challenge and send it to me at Your child will receive a free book and get his/her picture displayed on my reading wall. I love to catch our students at Blain reading. Please continue to send these pictures, too, so that I can give out even more books! Last month, Lillian Wallace, Jesse Wallace, and Jeanetta Rudisill were caught reading!

Character Trait Focus - Responsibility

During the months of November and December, our character education focus will be on the character trait of responsibility. Check out our Character Education newsletters for more information!
Blain's Future Ready PA Index Report

This is a direct link to Blain Elementary School's Future Ready PA Index report.

4th Grade Play and Chorus Concert

Monday, Dec. 16th, 7pm

132 Blain Road

Blain, PA

News from the School Nurse

Hand washing is by far the best way to keep kids from getting sick and prevent the spread of germs.

What's the Best Way to Wash Hands? Here's how to scrub those germs away. Teach this to your kids — or better yet, wash your hands together often so they learn how important this good habit is:

1. Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold). Make sure the water isn't too hot for little hands.

2. Use soap and lather up for about 20 seconds. Any soap will do.

3. Make sure you get in between your fingers, on the backs of hands, and under the nails where germs like to hang out. And don't forget the wrists!

4. Rinse and dry well with a clean towel.

When Should We Wash Our Hands?

- before eating and cooking - after using the bathroom - after being outside

- after cleaning around the house - after touching animals, including family pets

- before and after visiting or taking care of any sick friends or relatives

- after blowing one's nose, coughing, or sneezing

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November 11 and 13 - Parent / Teacher Conferences

Monday, Nov. 11 - In-Service Day (No School for Students)

Thursday, Nov. 21- PTO Meeting – 7:00

November 27 to December 2 - School Closed – Thanksgiving