Positive Leadership

University for Peace Centre for Executive Education

As a boss, mentor, guide, advisor or friend, we all affect those around us. The Positive Leadership course will introduce you to creative, human leadership strategies, teaching you to engage with the world and motivate through empathy and the curation of loyalty. You'll learn to deal effectively with conflict by focusing on the strengths and passions of your employees using appreciative inquiry, dialogue and presence, and to inspire collaboration and respect with a positive attitude.

December 4 - December 6

Join us on the UPEACE campus for this 3-day professional development workshop.

9am - 4pm daily. Lunch provided.

Led by Mohit Mukherjee, founder of the UPEACE Centre for Education

Be a Better Leader

For more information:

Write to centre@upeace.org for more information, or look us up online at http://centre.upeace.org/courses/positive-leadership/. See you in December!


"This seminar touched my heart and mind. I left with a wealth of new ideas to implement. Some of the information I learned will help me increase cooperation and decrease conflict with my family and in the community organizations I work with. Thank you, UPEACE!” ~ Connie Watson Psychology Professor, Delta College

“This course was truly a transformative experience. Every aspect of it exceed my expectations.” ~ Lisa Domeshek, MBA Student, Maryland University