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Celebrating October and Focusing on November


If you are receiving this email for the first time, WELCOME!

I'm so honoured to have you in our Stella & Dot team.

I hope you'll use this monthly resource as a way to plug into the training that is just right for you and your business! Please let me know how I can help you soar with success in your are in business for yourself BUT not by yourself!

If you have sponsored a NEW STYLIST...please forward to them to ensure they are receiving ALL communication. We will get your new stylist added to team communication within a week but if you find that we have accidentally missed someone, please email me and I'll get it corrected asap.

Welcome New Stylists!

Where to begin? Connect with your sponsor and set up a time to discuss your New Stylist Training. Check out Your Stylist Lounge Tour for an overview on the Lounge. Find more tips and tools for your business in the Toolbox section of Stella & Dot University. Compile a short list of questions for your sponsor to help keep you on track. Looking for Additional Support? Join the Stella & Dot Canada Regional Facebook Page and your Local Facebook Page.

Nadine Skaling, Cortney Riep, Kimberly and Kristen Meerse, Sarah Morris, Luiza Wokan, Clare Mahaffey, Kimi Ozaki, Robyn Bowden, tracy mcglade, Amie Pereira, Chervelle Richards, Sarah Cassidy, Shanna Johnston, Carly Foy, Carla Sologuk, Lydia O'Neill, Lisa Johannsen, Miranda Russell, Nancy Chandler, Becky Lang, Kimberly Chiarelli, Tomalyn Young, Vicky Deschambault, Leah Van den Houte, Wiesje and Minette Stoneson, Lashaun Stannard, Sonya Rikhy, Rebecca Stanley, Brianne Rusk, Annette Falconer, Danielle Naccarato, Angela Harrison, Abbey Ratcliff, Hanna Hsiao, Faye Chan, Heather Kardal, June Anne Aguinaldo, Jackie Burns, Kheagan Claasse, Wendy Clarke, Stacie Bursey, Shannon Balfoort!

That is A LOT of new stylists! So glad that you all embraced sharing the opportunity with these ladies and that you took advantage of the fantastic sign up special!

October Promotions

Senior Stylist-Please click on the picture to read their bio (the text is hidden)

Star Stylist


Do you have special Kudos for someone on your team? Please forward them to me so we can share their successes.

Tatiana Robertson for having a record personal-best month and selling over $4500 retail!

Kelsey Nichols for selling over $1000 in Switzerland!

Shannon Evora for pushing straight through to the end to meet a personal sales goal!

Monique Flocco qualifying for the month with nearly $1000 in sales!

Alison Montone-Leon and Colleen Carlisle for earning a spot on the Top Performers list for Canada East!

Vic Strangewood who signed her first stylist and had a great personal month!

Meghan McRae for welcoming two new stylists, having a personal best sales month, and well on her way to being iHappy!

Rachelle Rekken for sponsoring 4 new stylists and for earning a spot on the Top Performers list for Canada West!

Carrie Lascelles who hit her first jump start and sponsored someone in less than a month in business!

Jodi Macandrew who is headed to NYC for winning a spot in the Foundation Challenge. She gets to help make over a school in the Bronx with 9 other lucky ladies! Meghan McRae (13), Scarlett Ballantyne (11), and Jen Evans (9) for earning your spot on the Leader Board for the entire company!!

Tomalyn Young has more than 10 shows booked since she started a couple weeks ago AND she already signed HER first stylist!!

You ladies are all amazing!!

Top Ten October Sales

Alison Montone-Lyon $9,392.59

Colleen Carlisle $8,841.17

Rachelle Eggertson $7,879.06

Nancy Dunsmore $7,152.50

Meghan Mcrae $5,315.85

Shannon Evora $5,234.50

Janet Rutledge $5,205.40

Stacy Williams $4,929.35

Tatiana Robertson $4,732.40

Rachela Brisindi $4,322.60

Open Community Meetings

We'd love for you to come out to your local area meeting and invite your potential stylists to join you.

Wanting to attend an area meeting? Jump on the events tab of your personal website to locate the closest one in your area. If you have to drive a couple of hours to attend one, jump in the car and take a friend, you'll be so glad you did! If you can't find a local meeting, reach out to your upline Director, and she'll help connect you with area stylists.

If you are not in British Columbia or Ontario... you are not alone :). There are meetings taking place within our team and in many cities ALL across the country each and every month. We are here to help connect you so search on the events tab or reach up to your upline support.