The Beginning of After

Jennifer Castle

About Jennifer Castle

Starting as a child, she loved writing poems on her fathers typewriter, which is what started her interest in writing. Then throughout college she began to write fictional novels for awhile, then realized that she wanted to write for young adults. Now she lives in New York, with her husband, two daughters, and two cats.

Summary of 'The Beginning After'

Not every sixteen-year-old lives their life like Laurel does. In this novel, Laurel has to learn how to cope with life after her mother, father, and brother get killed in the same car accident. Laurel goes through obstacles including: School, friends, jobs, college, and romance. Does Laurel use the excuse of her families death, or should she just try to ignore it? Her decision will change everything.

Short Passage From the Book:

"There weren't many details about the accident for Lieutenant Roy Davis yo explain to me. Things were said and things were asked, and suddenly I was sitting cross legged on the living room floor, pushed down there by the weight of new information.

My mother, father, and someone assumed was my brother had been pronounced dead on arrival at Phillips Memorial Hospital" (12).

"The Beginning of After"-Book Trailer

"The Beginning of After" by Jennifer Castle - Book Trailer

Introducing the Main Characters:

Who May Enjoy This Novel?

I really enjoyed this novel, because it never really got boring, and what occurs in it could actually happen. People that would find this book interesting would her girls, ages fourteen and up, because they could maybe relate to some of the events that occur. Also some girls enjoy reading about a mystrical romance.

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