News from the Art Room

February 8th - 12th

Sketchbook Challenge: YouTube Edition

YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning. Informative videos are one such way we can use YouTube for learning. How-to videos and step-by-step tutorials are another. This extends to art, too! For this Sketchbook Challenge you'll need to track down an art-related tutorial and follow along. If you're looking for ideas, cats seem to be pretty popular on YouTube these days. Drawing eyes is a lot of fun, too.

And for the serious artists out there, there's always the original step-by-step master: Bob Ross.

The watercolor video below is the tutorial I'm going to give a try. Give it a whirl!

How to Paint a Galaxy With Watercolor - a Nebula - Universe


The Kinders are part-way through drawing and coloring self-portraits. It was a difficult task to look in the mirror and draw what we see, but the results are looking great! Students were tasked with looking at what their faces actually look like and drawing from that instead of drawing from the image in their heads. There were audible gasps when students learned that their eyes are not big circles, nor are they ovals, but instead are more football or olive shaped.

We will be hanging up our self-portraits as soon as they're finished. Keep an eye out for these in the hall this week!

Famous Artist Self-Portrait Challenge

Can you name any of the artists below? Good luck!

1st Grade - Masking

The 1st graders finished their abstract paintings inspired by American painter Jackson Pollock and the results are wild! A few classes have paintings hanging up; the others are being sent home this week.

Currently students are learning about masking--a way to selectively keep parts of a painting clean through the use of either oil pastels or masking tape. This week students are creating compositions out of masking tape and then painting over them--next week will be the big reveal when students get to "unmask" their paintings!

2nd Grade - Tessellations

The 2nd graders are finishing up their MC Escher-inspired tessellations right now by adding color to them--either by coloring or by painting. Once their artwork is finished the 2nd graders will be creating a frame for it that they will be decorating. Look for the tessellations to be hung up this coming week!

3rd Grade - Clay Creations

The 3rd graders are just now finishing up their clay creations. These creations began as simple pinch pots and have since then turned into all manner of creatures and animals. When finished, clay projects need dry out before they can be fired in the kiln. After firing the projects will be hard as rock and ready to be painted!

4th Grade

The 4th graders recently had a Digital Learning Day assignment that was to be posted to Schoology when finished--at the time of this writing about two-thirds of students have completed theirs and posted them. Check in with your kiddo to see if they've read and completed their assignment!

During class we've been continuing our work on our choice-based projects with students working on a wide variety of projects. As their artwork is finished it's added to the galleries out in our hallways and they look amazing--I love seeing the breadth of creativity in our students. Speaking of which: the photos below are from a fashion line that a group of 4th graders designed for our drawing figures.

5th Grade

The 5th graders will have an assignment for this Friday's Digital Learning Day. The assignment will be posted to Schoology Thursday afternoon and can be found here.

Like the 4th graders, the 5th graders are continuing to work on their choice-based projects. Students have pursued the creation of everything from ceiling-tile paintings to masks to homemade lava-lamps to stop-motion animations to dinner plates to movie trailers--along with paintings and drawings galore.

Students are responsible for uploading three files to their digital art portfolios via Google Drive for each project/work of art that they create. First, they have to upload a picture of their plan/practice. Second, they have to upload a picture of their completed artwork. Lastly they have to upload a video of them presenting their artwork while discussing how they made it and their thoughts on it. Feel free to check in and see their digital art portfolios.