O. Henry Choir Spring Concert

And Cookie Bar Social

Don't Forget To Put The Concert On Your Calendar

We will be saying goodbye to our 8th graders and celebrating the successes of the year!

Fun Time In THe Summertime!

Tuesday, May 17th, 5:30-6:30pm

~~O Henry Middle School Cafe'~~ There will be a bus to take students to Alison and Govalle after the concert.

Bring your favorite cookies to share! We will have a cookie bar and social after the singing, surfing and summertime celebration!

Program For The Evening

5:30 PM

Opening numbers

Cantate and Con Brio Choirs

5:45 PM

Bel Canto Contest Demonstration

6:00 PM

8th Grade Presentations


Bel Canto Choir Finale


Can't Wait For Summer Cookie Bar Social