Emma Matthews

Junior at Habersham Central High School

About Me.

My favorite subject in school is probably biology. I'm taking this course because I needed more AP experience and I love anything biology related. I hope to make a high A in this class and pass the AP exam. I have taken a class with GAVS before, the summer before my freshman year I took regular biology to prepare for my AP class in the fall. I'm not sure what college I would like to attend yet, but I'm looking at GA Tech, Duke University, and Reinhardt College. For my career, I would like to find a happy medium between my love of music and my ambitions to become either an Opthamologist or Dermatologist.

Activities and Likes

I play flute and trombone in my school's band, I'm a member of the GA District Board of Trustees for Key Club International, I'm a member of my school's student council, and a member of our Varsity Academic Bowl Team.

My favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

My favorite book is Ender's Game.

My favorite music genre is pop punk to hardcore.