GTC - 2014 - MGM Grand Las Vegas

May 8-10

Why Should I go to GTC?

If you are receiving this it is because you are part of our Team. Team V. Some of you play Arbonne and some of you are wholesale buyers who do not really do the business at all and just enjoy purchasing at a 35% or more discount. And some of you are on the management Team and are pulling out ALL stops to make it to the Top of the Company with me. It is just not that hard to do that. It requires dedication and focus for a year or two - and that is all.....If you want THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF OTHERS - please join us this year. We are part of the Number 1 Team in Arbonne worldwide and our Company is growing at a minimum of 10% month over month and did so all the way back to 2008

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Need a little more of a push? OK here it is

"GTC here's the deal:
Not everyone at GTC makes 6 figures but everyone who makes 6 figures is at GTC.
Now the hardcore reasons it's not optional:
- when you signed up to do Arbonne you made a commitment to yourself and your family you would give it your BEST to make it work part of that is staying 100 percent coachable. Your coach has told you to be at GTC so there you go!
- success=sacrifice (or exchanges in this case) so if you want to succeed and get to the next level in Arbonne you have to make some exchanges (this will mean taking time off work, spending some money, finding help to watch your kids)
- I went to GTC my first two years as a team of 1 - the very next year I went as a team
- This is a business, it's YOUR business so time to get to business and do what real business people do - they go to trainings, they listen to their mentors and they make small exchanges in the short term because they have big vision fro the long term.
See you there!"
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Announcing GTC 2014: Pure Energy!