Happy Spring!

Well-Oiled News April 2016

Welcome to all our new Wellness Advocates!

Vicky Hill, Susie Cushman, Megan Everley, Amy Serwa, Amy Kennedy and Nicole Gronewald!
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Varicose Veins?
As a soother, try using a warm compress with 3 drops of cypress oil on affected area 2-3 times/day.
Make a rollerball with equal parts cypress & helichrysum and fill the rest with fco (fractionated coconut oil) and roll over veins.

Spring Clean Tour!

Register for a free ticket at http://doterra.com/springtour2016/ and join us next tuesday, April 12 in Bellevue. Great learning experience for all about the company's philosophy and wonderful new products. We'll be meeting at 5 for dinner at Nibbana Thai http://nibbanarestaurant.com/. Let me know if you're coming for dinner if you haven't already contacted me about it so I can firm up our reservations.
Lots of Continuing Ed Classes Offered about Essential Oils!

Spring Cleanse

Thursday, April 28th, 6pm

14817 Ashworth Avenue North

Shoreline, WA

Come learn about topics discussed at the Spring Wellness Tour as well as ways to cleanse our bodies and homes.

Great Power Point on Cleanses

Cleanse and Restore - For a New You!

Essential Perfume

Friday, April 29th, 12pm

14817 Ashworth Avenue North

Shoreline, WA

Ever wonder what an essential oil 'note' is? Come find out and make your own natural perfume. $5 for a 10ml blend.

Pregnancy & Newborns

Monday, May 2nd, 6:30pm

Ellensburg Community Center

Taught by team member Cori Stutz!