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Prairie Point Staff Newsletter

Issue 14: Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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I'm grateful for...

Over the weekend, my mother-in-law played with Lucas for an hour, and I got an hour to just be...a whole hour! It was heaven. :)

It might sound cliche, but I took some time to think about all that is right in my world, and for all that I am grateful. Topping my list is the tremendous opportunity I have to work with each of you. I'm grateful for all the passion, hard work, and dedication you put in to making our school what it is. It's not just a platitude when I say that we have the best school in the district - I truly believe that we do. It's because of the positive, compassionate, and collaborative approach all of you take toward learning and growing as professionals, the way that you care for and support one another, and the way that you selflessly provide our students with a safe and engaging learning environment. I'm grateful for the unique strengths each of you bring to the team - it's that which makes us strong!

I hope each of you have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving Holiday with your families and friends. You've worked hard - you deserve it!

"Gratitude is like a flashlight. It lights up what is already there. You don't necessarily have anything more or different, but suddenly you can actually see what it is. And because you can see, you no longer take it for granted." - M.J. Ryan in Attitudes of Gratitude

Using Smore for Newsletters

Smore, used to create this newsletter, is a great online tool for teachers to use for classroom newsletters as well. You can customize backgrounds, news articles, and more to create a professional looking newsletter. The free account should be everything you need to send a newsletter to your families.

1. Begin by visiting and signing up for a free account.

2. Utilize video tutorials, if needed, to guide you in creating your first newsletter

3. Build a newsletter from scratch, or customize a pre-made template.

4. The free account allows you to create 4 newsletters per month.

5. When your newsletter is finished, you can email to your families:

A. Utilize Smore's address book to input parent email addresses and send right from Smore.

B. Email the newsletter to yourself, and forward to your families.

C. Hit the "embed" button to get a unique web address for your newsletter. Send the link to your families.

Below is a sample newsletter from a fourth grade team. If you're interested, but need help getting started, let me know. I'd be happy to help you get going. Smore newsletters are fun to create!

News & Info

Wednesday Morning Meetings

Next Meeting - Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Topic: Professional Learning Communities


All of the agendas and information for Wednesday morning meetings will now come in this newsletter. :-) Provided below is a link to the schedule, as well as a link to the agenda.

Please review the agenda prior to each meeting. Wednesday meetings will be held in the Community Room. We will begin promptly at 7:35 a.m.

If you are unable to make it to a meeting, please let us know in advance, if possible. Please see Heidi or Jen as soon as you can after the meeting to find out what you missed.

Coming Events!

Writer's Workshop

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 7:30am

Prairie Point Community Room

Topic: Mastering the Mechanics

RSVPs are enabled for this event.