Indiana Religious Freedom Bill

By Christina Bruce


Mike Pence and the Indiana congress passed the Indiana Religious Freedon Bill towards the end of March. Mike Pence thinks that this bill will protect business owners so they don't have to serve someone that goes against their religion. He also said that this bill will help bring religion back into Indiana. Critcs say that this bill attacks homosexuals and others, also this bill makes it okay for business owners to discriminate other people.
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There are two sides to this debate. The supporters of this law think that business owners should have the right to refuse service if they want to. If someone is doing something that goes against the business owner's religion, then they should be able to deny them service. This could be anything that goes against any religion. The main supporters of this law are republicians. However the other side of this debate disagrees with this law. Many people of this side are worried that people can use this and discriminate certain groups of people. Many LGBT members are also worried that the bill mainly attacks them. Gay marriage was legalized in Indiana in October of 2014. That wasn't that long ago. People may think that this law was a way to get revenge on homosexuals since they were able to freely get married less than a year ago. Some people want this law to be repealed, however others just want the law to be rewritten so it's more like the one that's already in place as a federal since 1993.
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The historical criticism is that since this law heavly affects homosexuals, people think that marriage should be between a man and a woman as it's been this way traditionally. Even though society is changing, there are some things that people can't let go of.

The cultural criticism is since America is majorly a Christian nation, the conservative Christians are against gay marriage and may attack them more. Indiana is mainly a republican state, so conservative Christians can be against other things that could be used to discriminate as well.

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Media Portryal

When watching the news while they are talking about the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the media shows the protests downtown and outside of the government buildings. Since the news stations show the protests, they may be biased and against the law. They also show comments that people have made about the bill. They showed business owners that said that everyone is welcome inside of their business. Jim Irsay also mentioned that everyone is welcome to all colts events and games. If you look on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram- you will see images of the protests and many people saying negative things about Indiana and Mike Pence. News stations have shown other city mayors that are restricting public funding to Indiana.
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My Side

I am against the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act. I don't think it's okay for someone to discriminate against someone else. I don't understand why business would want to loose money and business just because someone is doing something that's against their religion. I think people should be more open minded about things and that not everyone agrees with what you agree with. It's not okay for someone to be hateful of someone else. Indiana shouldn't be known as a bigot and hateful state.
Amanda and Christina English Embedded Assessment