What to expect during pregnancy

Fetus Information (First Trimester)

4 weeks the babies organs and body parts will start to develop. 5 weeks The fetus is about the size of a sesame seed. 6 weeks the babies heart is beating almost twice as fast as the mothers. The babies tongue and vocal cords are beginning to form. 7 weeks the eyelids fold partially covering the babies eyes. 8 weeks your baby is about the size of a kidney bean and is constantly moving and shifting. 10 weeks the fingernails on the baby are growing. 15 weeks the baby can sense light and there legs are growing longer.

Mother Information (First Trimester)

4 weeks, cells of primitive placenta are tunneling into the uterine lining. 5 weeks the mother will have a frequent urge to pee. 7 weeks the amount of blood in your body is increasing creating extra fluid. 8 weeks you may be having a hard time getting a good nights sleep and you may feel your bra getting tighter because your hormones cause breast growth. 10 weeks, the uterus went from the size of a pear to the size of a grapefruit.

Fetus Information (Second Trimester)

14 weeks your baby can now squint it's eyes and possibly suck it's thumb. 18 weeks the babies blood vessels are visible through the skin. 20 weeks the babies body is coated with a greasy white substance. 23 weeks the babies skin is red and wrinkled. 26 weeks the pathways in the babies ears are developing. 29 weeks the babies head is growing bigger to accommodate it's brain.

Mother Information (Second Trimester)

18 weeks the doctor will usually do a ultrasound and check the position of the placenta. 20 weeks the top of your uterus is at the same level of your belly button. 23 weeks your uterus puts pressure on veins that return blood and can cause swelling with your ankles and feet. 26 weeks your back may be aching because your pregnancy hormones are loosening up. 29 weeks you may feel dizzy if you lay on your back.

Fetus Information (Third Trimester)

31 weeks baby is accumulating a layer of fat under it's skin. 33 weeks your babies lungs are developed by now. 35 weeks your baby will spend it's next few weak putting on weight. 37 weeks your baby may have a full head of hair. 40 weeks babies skull bones are separated so that they can compress enough to fit through the birth canal.

Mother Information (Third Trimester)

31 weeks the muscles in your uterus are tightening. 35 weeks your uterus is expanded to about 25 times its original size. 37 weeks you might notice a increase in mucus discharge from your vagina. 41 weeks your cervix should be soft and be thinned out.

Advice for father.

As a father you need to be in your child's life. You need to support your baby financially, but not only do you need to do that you need to spend time with your child. Having a newborn baby isn't the best thing ever or the easiest thing ever but you helped bring the baby into the world. You need to know how to dress your baby, feed your baby,put your baby to sleep. You need to also help the mother out as much as possible.