Sunset Feeder Excellence

December 4th-18th

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End of Course Testing Visits/Items for the Week

Principal Evaluations/School Visits

Please be sure to send me your final testing procedures, maps and groups I will be visiting the feeder campuses to observe your implementation of these procedures. Please have hard copies in a binder for my review. Additionally, please ensure you are following the timelines and inform me in advance of any potential challenges/needs. Dr. Govan indicated she has met with all new principals and is available as needed. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

This week, we will discuss (and you should send me in writing) your three celebrations pertinent to our coaching visits and 1-3 next steps. Please ensure you review your principal rubric and prepare with the Mid-Year Rubric check-list. You should send me your 1-3 next steps and note which area of the rubric the step pertains to- your celebrations should also include the Principal Rubric components. I need these in writing by Thursday afternoon. Also, you should should have already signed up for both your Part I and Part II.

As we receive ACP results, we can discuss next steps in your support of progress monitoring and interventions. I will need to know each campus' writing plan in detail which ensures your direct facilitation of supports and evidence of formative student growth. Please finalize your next steps with each AF to prepare for ACP results and ensure you have a clear direction prior to receiving the ACP results.

December 15
SLO Goal-Accomplishment submitted (one semester course only)

January 14, 2016 at noon
Wave 2 DTR application submission deadline


Principal Evaluation Instrument (PEI) on Principal Central

Climate Survey Administered in December and results by January 8

Please be prepared to discuss adjustments and evidence of feedback related to PLC's, Tiered Lesson plans, subject/grade level meetings, administrator support/feedback, curriculum maps, progress-monitoring, growth in spots, calibration efforts, AP feedback, etc. (See Mid-Year Rubric).

Parent/Student Survey March-April available in June- we will discuss best-practices and ideas based upon the context of each campus at our next meeting.

Mid-Year Review


Review Mid-Year Rubric

Review Progress on Action Plan

Review of Professional Development

Review of Instructional Feedback and Spot Observation Data

Review Progress on Curriculum Alignment (progress monitoring, feedback, common assessments, etc.)

Meeting 1-

Team can assist in your presentation.

Meeting at Your Campus (Can schedule now through Mid-January)

Meeting 2- (In January)

  • Review Climate Survey
  • Review Mid-Year Review Report
  • Next Steps
  • Meeting at ED's Office

AP Mid-Year Process November 30-January 15- One meeting only

Need to include progress monitoring of AP's.

Appointments sent to your calendar:

*Please forward the SUNSET FEEDER newsletter to your staff that was sent to you on Friday (i.e. campus events/pictures for the semester). Feel free to send me pictures or more information and I will add as updates are received.

Monday (14)- Final procedures should be sent to Susie by 8:00 a.m. (hard copies on campus) for Testing Observations

Tuesday (15)- a.m. Testing Observations

Wednesday (16)- Testing Observations

Thursday (17)- Celebrations and Next Steps Due to Susie, Individual Meetings

Friday (18)- Individual Meetings


WAIP Please note the mandatory campus requirements for the semester.

Week 16

I will be visiting all campuses to review testing processes and procedures. Please send me your finalized plans (i.e. map of testing, groups, etc.). Also, please remember to send me your celebrations/next steps.

Field Trips- Please consider creating an internal campus preference due date for spring field trips to ensure out of county field trips provide enough time for review, modifications and planning.

TEI Upcoming Dates

Mid-Year Review

  • Sign-Up Part I and II

  • Rubrics- Principal and AP

Spot observations clarification:

· Three spots must be scored per semester (all required to be entered, even those not scored)

· Entered within two working days of the spot into SchoolNet (DNA Regulation)

· Number of spots:

o No effectiveness level and Progressing II or below (10)

o Proficient I or DTR eligible (8)

o Distinguished (Proficient II or above) 6 (3 per semester- all must be scored, December is extremely short, approximately the first week )

· New Teachers through-out the year (with documentation)

o Train new teachers within 15 days

o Provide overview of Campus Action Plan

*December 1st spots, extended and summative due for wave 2 teachers

DTR observations will begin the week of November 9 (campus AESOP report must be accurate, no schedule changes, 10-Day window to ensure instruction only).

December 15- SLO Goal-Accomplishment submitted(one semester course only)

Please note that you must provide and document training and supports for new teachers through out the school year within 15 days (see policy/regulation above)

Academic Facilitators

Our Sunset Academic Facilitators will have a new home. I have asked Mr. Rodriguez to find office space for Mike and Yesenia. They will now have offices at Lida Hooe Elementary. Since Lida Hooe is a targeted campus without an assistant principal or Reading CIC, we thought having their offices accessible to this campus would most beneficial. Additionally, they will be in close proximity to all feeder campuses. The district has made changes to the office structure and thus, we are excited to have them in our feeder area!

PTA State Organization

Cecilia Ortiz made contact with me regarding the status of each Sunset Feeder campus. There were a couple of items which required action for the PTA Executive Leadership. Since all of our campuses are active PTA members, she scheduled and appointment to ensure the principal is aware of PTA requirements per the state organization. I have sent each principal any follow-up required by the state PTA and copied Ms. Ortiz. I have included her contact information below. She will also be sending me resources for campus opportunities to apply for individual educator scholarships and campus recognition. She was very complimentary of our campus parent engagement!

Cecilia I. Ortiz

Campus and Multicultural Outreach Manager

Direct / Directo: 214-957-6540

Email / Correo Electrónico:

Texas PTA

Austin, Texas

This Week- Lists of Celebrations with Rubric for Visit

Please prepare a list of 3-5 celebrations we have worked together on this semester (E.D. and principal). How did we determine these needs and what did we do to reach the celebration? Please indicate determine which part of the principals rubric is aligned with each celebration.

Make a list of 3 challenges that you believe will be high leverage and will track before your Mid-Year in January. Explain why you chose these three and actions that will need to take place.

As I visit this week, we will review your celebrations together! See you this week!