Greek Goddess and Sportswear Brand

Who is Nike?

Nike is the Greek goddess of speed and victory in sports. She is the daughter of Pallas, the titan of war. Nike's role in most myths was to decide the winner of competition by awarding the victor a wreath of Bay Leaves. They symbolize fame and glory to those who Nike chooses to win. Nike is often depicted as having wings and riding a chariot.
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What is Nike?

Nike is also the name of a sportswear brand. The company was made by a man named Phil Knight. Nike wishes to supply to athletes everywhere and are doing a great job fulfilling that promise. It has made a total of 25 billion dollars as of 2013 and is easily the biggest name in the sportswear industry. Nike is known for their "swoosh" logo, catchphrase ("JUST DO IT"), and amazing shoes/clothes.
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How do they Relate?

The man who made Nike (the company), Phil Knight, needed to name his sportswear company. It was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports but Phil Knight decided that the name needed to be changed and he would be the one to change it. After a lot of thought, he went with "Nike" because it is the Greek goddess of speed and victory in sports. Phil says that Nike (the goddess) declares the champion in sports but wearing shoes/clothes by Nike (the company) guarantees victory.