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"What wakes me up in the morning and keeps me up at night?"

THIS week's answer to LAST week's question comes in from an amazing yoga teacher and beautiful soul who continually graces us with her presence at the Health Center :)


Sometimes it's an interesting new sequence for my class. Which order of poses warms up, lengthens, and strengthens the muscles of the body in the safest and most beneficial way?

Sometimes it's a specific pose. Which instructions clearly direct a student into proper alignment so their pose is expressed an an optimal way?

Sometimes it's a specific student. How can I help guide them around and through their restrictions to a breakthrough that benefits body, mind, and spirit?

Sometimes it's ideas for my own practice. Sometimes its questions of how to take yoga out of solely the physical and into all aspects of daily life.

It doesn't matter the question. It's always yoga."

- Kelley C.

Movement is Life

“Only difference between life and death, one moves, internally and externally; the dead cannot. Only function of LIVE man is motion. Only STRUCTURE of WHICH MOVES is muscle. All else is moved upon and BY muscle. Muscles move because nerve force energy is converted power into action. Muscles move into action because nerve force mental impulse supply induces action within itself, and to all to which it is attached."

-BJ Palmer from the The Great Divide Volume XXXVIII

Translated – muscles move everything is our bodies from big motions like walking, running and jumping to small motions like the secretion of products from glands and the movement of food through our intestines. Muscles are moved by impulses from our Nerve system, some of these things we think about and some we don’t – our Innate intelligence running the show on those things we aren’t thinking about. Therefore how important is it that there are clear lines of communication in the nerve system to the muscles???

The Law of Movement

As explained by Fleet this “…is the second law which governs the physical part of every human being.” And “Movement or Exercise is the only distributing agent of the body.”

Distribution of nutrients we take into our body, the movement of our blood through our veins and arteries, movement of our waste products out of our bodies… and on and on.

What happens to a body that does not move – think about a limb that has been in a cast – how the muscles change and atrophy the color and texture of the skin and hair? What about someone who is sick or bedridden and not moved for long periods of time – they get formation of bedsores or pressure sores.

And also what is possible when movement is focused and trained, we can see amazing feats of strength and agility in things like the Olympics or Cirque de Soleil Shows.

My favorite statement from this chapter is “….. because the simple truth of the whole question is that every human being is different, and what will apply to one will not be indicated for another. The INTELLIGENCE within the body, which created the body and which governs it (when allowed to do so), is the only judge as to how much exercise is required for that body. Exercise will create tiredness when the joints and muscles have been given sufficient movement, and that is the stop signal."

"In order to comply with the Law of Movement, every moveable joint must get sufficient movement every day.” T Fleet -Rays of the Dawn.

Everyone one of us is different, our movement requirements are all different, our lifestyles are different. Someone who is working a farm and in the fields all day long will have different movement needs than someone who sits at a desk for 12 hours typing on a computer. Find what is right for you and your optimum.

2 Simple Rules to Observe:

1) Move every moveable joint every day in every way that it will move until tiredness develops.

2) If pain develops in any joint during movement, do not continue the movement past the point where pain develops. And gradually the pain will diminish.

Question of the Week!!!

What Moves You? How are you Moving the World or How are you Moving in the World?