Aksum, Africa- (400-700 CE)

Meghan McAdams, Sam McCoy


Aksum is located southeast of Kush on rugged land on the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. It's also very close to the Mediterranean Sea.

It's located on what's now Ethiopia and Eritrea.


They are located on the Indian Ocean, which is an ideal area for trade.

They sold and traded things that weren't a necessity to Aksum.


They believed in one god, Mahrem. They also worshiped spirits, offered sacrifices, and honored dead ancestors.

Ezana was raised into a Christian family, and converted the kingdom to Christianity.

Fun Fact: modern day Aksum-(Ethiopia, Eritrea) is now a home to millions of Christians.

Social Life

Most of them worked as farmers who brought water down from the mountains to use for their fields.

The main objective of their life was to trade.

The other Aksumites that weren't farmers worked as architects and builders. They mainly build monuments and pillars.

The Aksumites that were builders and architects built Aksum's most famous architectural piece which is the Pillars of Aksum. The Pillars of Aksum are a series of huge pillars surrounding the kingdom, with stories inscribed on it.


Christian crosses- were used as religious symbols for Christians in Aksum

King Ezana coins- we're used to portray different images of king Ezana and May have held some monetary value to them

Aksum flag- it's actually the same flag as modern day Ethiopia green stand for the land yellow for peace and hope red for strength.

Pillar of Aksum- the pillars represent Christianity and is one of the biggest pillars built into a church.

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was the first kingdom to mint it's one coins. Had its own method of farming called terrace farming. They also created dams and cisterns.

Social structure- most akumites worked as either farmers or architectures farmers worked in fields and traded, Architectures built monuments, and thrones.

System of Writing

language that was used was Ge'ez and is still used in modern day Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Israel. This was one of the first form of writing.


Aksum is now present day Ethiopia- Ethiopia is home to many Christians partly because of Ezana. Then and now, they use Christian crosses as a symbol of their religion. Their technology allowed them to do many things, and be successful.


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