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As we turn our thoughts to the Thanksgiving holiday, we want to take this opportunity to thank you. We know this year has been another extremely challenging year. We do appreciate that even in the middle of a pandemic, you take the time to support your child's learning, their teachers, and our school. Because of your support, our Pride continues to grow stronger. On behalf of our board and our staff, we thank you for your trust and support. May you have a safe and restful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Photo of the Week

This week's photo is a mosaic of our staff and of the things that our staff are thankful for. Click here to zoom in to view the individual photos.

Spirit Night - Thank You


We're asking that our families assist us in managing everyone's status by using this form when your child shows symptoms, tests positive, is a close contact, or is a household close contact. The data shared with us is kept confidential. After completing this form, you'll receive an email or phone call from Nurse Donna to discuss your child's specific isolation/quarantining plan.

Linked here is Riverwalk Academy's COVID Dashboard. This COVID dashboard is updated by 3:00 pm each school day. This dashboard can also be found on our website.

We've received a few questions about our dashboard, so I wanted to provide an explanation for everyone. Click here for an explanation of our COVID data.

School Lunches

For anyone who ordered lunch on 11/22 and 11/23, a credit will appear on your account.

Riverwalk Academy is a "bring your own lunch" school where students are encouraged to bring their own lunches. We do offer a fee-based lunch program that is not income-contingent. Our fee-based lunch program is provided by Golden Corral. For more information about this option, please click here.

Pride, if you haven't done so, please take a moment to check out our new and improved website. From the main page, you have immediate access to the latest news, and up to date calendar.

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Monday and Tuesday's Remote Learning

Packets were sent home on Thursday. Below are the electronic version of the remote learning packets.

Elementary Guidance with Mrs. Carr

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This time of year brings on so many emotions, ranging from happiest to sad to excitement and surprises. The students were so excited and enjoyed all the fun activities all of their teachers (including me) had them doing. Some students talked to me of their relatives they are going to visit, while others mentioned the ones no longer with us. My mother passed away many years ago and this holiday was a particular favorite of hers. We had everyone come over to our house - and when I say everyone - one year it was a total of 52 relatives coming from all over. We had relatives traveling from Canada, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Spartanburg, Greensboro, the North Carolina coast. Being an only child, it was usually just myself, my Dad and Mom at the house - so 52 extra people was a bit overwhelming. Not to mention all the prep, cleaning, etc. that had to be done before they all arrived (you can imagine how excited I was to clean as a young child). But to this day, I can remember my Mom’s smile when everyone would gather for the family picture. It was a moment she waited all year for and a moment I miss every year since she has been gone. Now Thanksgiving is a quiet day for us; just me, my Dad, and my two youngest children. But we are so thankful and blessed and know all our loved ones are still with us - in our hearts and memories. When I talk to students about anything sad, whether they lost someone, their parents are fighting, their siblings have moved out, their friend isn’t their friend anymore, someone called them stupid, they made a bad grade or they got in trouble - I always tell them they have to find some small positive - some small sliver of sunshine in their day and hold onto that. It is harder some days than others to do this, but children are resilient and stronger than they even know. All of us can find just one thing we can be thankful for, makes us smile, and everything can look brighter.

Please enjoy this next week with your loved ones. Please help your students do their acts of kindness and pay it forward. Please hug each other (even if it is just virtual). Please share your gratitude with your friends, neighbors and maybe even a stranger. You can be that sliver of sunshine in someone else’s life - all of us can make a difference.

Have a wonderful week and travel safely.

Hugs and blessings,

Mrs. Carr

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Monday and Tuesday's Remote Learning (click graphic)

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Monday and Tuesday Remote Learning Reminders (click graphic)

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Monday: 11/22

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Wednesday: 11/24

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