Jennifer Gallegos

mexico weather

Mexico weather is hot sometimes it goes up to the 70 or 80, men wear hats when they are working and sometomes not because the weather goes down and it goes down to 50 or lower for them it is cold because they are use to the warm warm weather, but we use to the cold weather but not them, sometimes it rains and that is when the weather does down a little bit not that much but the weather does go down and that is when they use pants.

food i would try

Mexico has a lot of food they eat but what they usually eat is Arroz con pollo ( rice with chicken), Arroz con liche ( rice with milk), Pastel de tres leches (Three milk cake), chocolate (they are not any candy or sweets it is a drink) this is only some of the foods they eat there is a lot more but these are some that I recommend from the food in Mexico they are good.

What are attractions in Mexico?

What I find more attracting is the sandy beaches on the cost line and if you where going any where else and not the cost line and you are on the bus and get to anywhere else then you can see a lot of houses on the hill or mountains you can see a lot of different things like animals and people all the way up at the hills and mountains and something else I find more attracting is the food too because the food is good even if looks gross it is good.

need for transportation

what you need for your transportation to get to Mexico you need paper or go on a air plan and some times you get a ride to go to Mexico and people that where born Mexico they could get arrested because they don't have any papers and they have to pass the border and try and not get arrested you have to run away a lot because if you don't you will get hurt or people will some times help other.
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advertising in Mexico

I am advertising Mexico and we are going to Mexico and learn more about Mexico there is a lot to learn in Mexico that you want to know

currency they use

the money they use in Mexico is different from the U.S.A because in Mexico they have cents that are like $5 and 20 other types of kind cents because in the dollars they are bigger numbers not small numbers like 20 or 10 they start to have big numbers like 50 or 500 or lower like 100 dollars and they don't feel like the money we use in Mexico if they say 5 pesos that is when you give them the 5 dollar cent and that is what you just give them and it is really easy.