All about pizza

By: Natalie Detweiler

Were did pizza originate?

The origin of the word pizza is uncertain. It is Italian for ‘pie’ and may have come from Latin pix ‘pitch’ or Greek pitta. It is common belief that pizza was an invention by the Italians. However, the history of pizza goes back to the ancient times in the Middle East. The Greeks, Egyptians, Armenians, Israelis, and Babylonians were making some derivative of pizza in the ancient times. They would cook flat bread in mud ovens. Workingmen and their families ate it because it was a thrifty and convenient food. The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians specifically, were topping the bread with olive oil, and spices, now known as focaccia.

What are some different toppings for pizza?

Here are the top ten most popular pizza toppings

1. Pepperoni



4. Sausage

5. Bacon

6.Extra cheese

7.Black olives

8.Green peppers

9. pineapple


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