Demeter and Persephone

What was the consequence of Demeter's action?

Demeter is the goddess of agriculture and when her daughter disappeared she blamed the ground, so she made everything die. The summer was taken away from everyone. Everything dies for 4 months of out the year. That is the time we call winter.

How did humankind suffer as a result of one individual’s impulses?

Now nothing will grow when she is gone. No one can get fresh food and everything will die and become cold.

What does this myth suggest about the effects of an individual’s actions on the community as a whole?

That individual actions affect everybody. In this case Hades was selfish and stole Persephone. Then Demeter was mad her daughter disappeared so she made everything die until she comes back. When she does this it effects everybody. You may not mean to affect everybody but sometimes you do.
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Popocatepetl and Ixtlaccihuatl

Was the Emperor’s decision at the legend’s beginning better for the individual or the community?

I think it was more for the safety of the community because he didn't trust anyone but his daughter. It wasn't fair to his daughter but he just didn't trust anyone.
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Is it ever important to consider the needs of a community over the needs of an individual? Explain.

Yes I think so because what good is it if you are doing fine but the community isn't. The community is more important because if they are doing good then they are probably doing good.

Sun and Moon in a box

How do Coyote’s ignorance and selfishness cause harm to others?

Coyote was being selfish so he opened the box and the moon and sun both escaped, so it was winter time.

Which character bears more blame for losing the sun and moon? Why?

I think Coyote. First of all he lied and second of all he opened the box. He told Eagle he wouldn't open the box but he did. He also opened the box and lost Sun and Moon.

What does this folk tale imply about the individual’s responsibility to the community?

Trust your instincts. If you know you don't trust someone then don't just change your mind because they keep bugging you. If you no someone isn't responsible then don't trust them with precious items.
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