Wings of Fire the Dark Secret

By: Tui T. Sutherland

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The genre of this book is fantasy. This book is fantasy because it is a book about dragons and the great dragon war.


The theme of this book is don't steal or it will come back to haunt you. In this book the NightWings steal RainWings and study their venom because they want to take over the rain forest.

Protagonist and Antagonist.

The protagonist of this story is Starflight. He saves his kingdom from extinction by evacuating them to the rain forest before they can all die because of the volcano on their island. The antagonist of this story is queen Battlewinner. She does not care for her tribe and she wants to kill some of the Dragonets of Destiny.

Strengths and weaknesses of Starflight.

Starflight is curious ; Starflight follows Flame when he said " do whatever you I don't care" he followed Flame. ( Page145)

He is abnormal ; When Morrowseer killed a bird and offered the wing to Starflight, he said "look that might not make you sick ,but it will make me sick." (Page 34)

Starflight is intelligent; Before going to convince the skywings to change their alliance, they check for guards and listen to the conversation before going in the building.
" Let's be smart about this. We don't have to charge right in. Let's listen for a minute and see if we might hear anything useful."
(Page 123)
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Starflight, Gloria, Sunny, Clay, Tsunami.

How does the setting impact the story?

A volcanic island with hardly any food on it is where the NightWings live so they want to invade the rain forest to get there wonderful food. This also impacts the story because the volcano explodes and it makes the two tribes have to live together in the rain forest.

Internal and External

This book has a lot of internal conflicts because Starflight gets taken to the NightWing island and he knows no one there.
Examples of internal and external conflicts;
One internal conflict is starflight debating if he should wait for his friends or if he should go back to them alone.
One external conflict is the dragonets are debating how to fight the NightWings.

Personal Opinion.

Personally I liked this book because it had lots of adventure and exciting parts. I also like fantasy books because anything can happen. If I had to rate this I would give it a five out of five star rating.
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