Cool Cat News

Principal Brief

March 23-27

The Fundamental Five

The Raw Power of Critical Writing- The authors cannot overemphasize the power of critical writing. Consider three instructional practices addressed in the book Classroom Instruction that Works (Marzano): identifying similarities and differences, summarization and note taking. These three practices represent the pinnacle of effective instruction identified in the book, and all three can be accomplished through a well-designed critical writing exercise.

Writing Martha's

STAAR Writing is March 30 & 31. Please take time to make a treat and a card for your Writing Martha. There is a blue bin in my office. Please put card/treat in the bin with your student's name on it. They will all be delivered at one time. Please check your student's name off of the roster that is located on the bin. Thank you for supporting our Cool Cats!

Pennant Winners

I will have lunch with the pennant winners on Wednesday, 3/25 from 12-12:30 in the PLC room. We will be having chicken nuggets & fries. They need to bring their own drink.

Jaden Cantu, Jack Lyons, Alyssa Boyd, Alex Davis, Bella Munoz, Alex Lopez, Ana Aguilar and Kaylee Haskins are the lucky winners!


Great job Krista Wilson for organizing testing for the Cool Cats! Mrs. Starnes has worked hard with our 4th grade writing students. I know they will do great because they are well prepared!

Upcoming Dates:

3/25 Team Leader Meeting 3-4

3/27 Peprally- Jeans with school shirt- 1:45-2:15