TUSD Robotics

2021-2022 Qualifying Season

Back in Action!

After a mostly virtual and remote year and a half of robotics, TUSD Robotics teams are back building, programming, and competing against teams with physical robots this season. A total of 7 tournaments were hosted and 57 competition teams used the engineering design process to build robots to play this year's official games.

VEX IQ Robotics students in elementary or middle school played a game called Pitching In where students designed catapults and flywheels to launch balls into goals.

VEX Robotics students in middle and high school played a game called Tipping Point where students designed lifts and many used pneumatics to move and balance heavy mobile goals and robots onto platforms that tip over.

Thank you to our dedicated coaches that helped make this season happen!

Elementary Competition Teams

Red Hill Coach Teri Sharp, Arroyo Coach Laura Johnson, Orchard Hills Coaches Dylan Licciardo and Josh Helpern, Tustin Memorial Academy Coaches Debbie Mulligan and Devra Staller

Middle School Competition Teams

Columbus Tustin Coach Austin Theeck, Hewes Coach Steve Hollingshead, Legacy Magnet Academy Coaches Gia Meade and Lynda Chung, Orchard Hills Coaches Megan Lund and Kevin Kim, Pioneer Coach Frank Cereghino, Sycamore Academy Coaches Angelica Jimenez and Thuy Huynh, Utt Coach Daniel Kim

High School Competition Teams

Beckman Coach Siu Kong Sit, Foothill Coach Jeff Farr, Legacy Coach Matt Ireland, Tustin High Coach May (Jinju) Sung

32 Teams Headed to the Southern CA State Championships

A total of 29 teams are headed to the Southern CA State Championships this year and will compete in either Los Angeles or San Diego. Congratulations to all of the teams and best of luck at the tournament!

4 Tustin Memorial Academy Team = VEX IQ San Diego Elementary- March 5

4 Orchard Hills Teams= VEX IQ Los Angeles Middle School- March 5

3 Legacy Teams & 1 Orchard Hills Team = VEX Los Angeles Middle School - March 6

2 Pioneer Teams & 4 Orchard Hills Teams = VEX San Diego Middle School- March 13

5 Foothill Teams = VEX Los Angeles High School - March 5

3 Legacy Teams & 6 Beckman Teams = VEX San Diego High School- March 12

VEX IQ Pitching In: TUSD Robotics Tournament
VEX Robotics Finals: Beckman Tournament

64 Awards Awards Earned This Season

Beckman High School 6 Teams = 22 Awards!!
  • 2496J: Excellence x1, Tournament Champions x1, Design x1, Tournament Finalists x3
  • 2496N: Excellence x1, Tournament Champions x1, Robot Skills Champ x3, Tournament Finalist x1.
  • 2496R: Excellence x1, Tournament Champions x1, Design x1
  • 2496V: Design x1, Tournament Finalist x1
  • 2496X: Design x1, Tournament Finalist x1
  • 2496Y: Tournament Champions x1, Build x1, Innovate x1.

Foothill High School 5 Teams = 14 Awards

  • 6627A: Tournament Champions x1, Tournament Finalists x2
  • 6627B: Tournament Champions x1
  • 6627C: Tournament Champions x1
  • 6677D: Excellence x1, Design x1, Tournament Champions x2, Innovate x1
  • 6627X: Design x1, Excellence x1, Tournament Finalists x1, Robot Skills x1

Orchard Hills Middle School 5 VEX Teams = 8 Awards

  • 8838A: Innovate x1, Design x1
  • 8838B: Design x1, Excellence x1, Tournament Champions x1
  • 8838C: Design x1, Excellence x1
  • 8838D: Create x1

Orchard Hills Middle School 7 VEX IQ Teams = 7 Awards

  • 3383A Design x2
  • 3383G Innovate x1
  • 3383C Energy x1, Innovate x1
  • 3383E Teamwork Champion x1, Robot Skills x1

Red Hill Elementary 3 Teams= 2 Awards

  • 24977A Judges x1
  • 24977C Sportsmanship x1

Columbus Tustin Middle School 3 Teams = 2 Awards

  • 7057D Sportsmanship x2

Legacy Magnet High School 4 Teams = 2 Awards

  • 393A: Create x1
  • 393D: Tournament Finalists x1

Tustin Memorial Academy 4 Teams = 2 Awards

  • 30636C: Excellence x1
  • 30636D: Energy x1

Pioneer Middle School 5 Teams = 2 Awards

  • 6627B Excellence x1, Tournament Finalists x1

Legacy Magnet Middle School 4 Teams = 1 Award

  • 393Z: Energy x1

Hewes Middle School 3 Teams = 1 Award

  • 8929A Energy x1

Sycamore Magnet Middle School 2 Teams = 1 Award

  • 88596B Judges

Volunteers & Staff

Thank you!!

Each tournament requires approximately thirty volunteers to function efficiently and effectively. Thank you to all of the students from Orchard Hills Robohawks, Beckman Robopatties, and Foothill Knight Time Bots who helped out this season.

A special thank you to the Cal State Fullerton students in the Secondary Science Teaching Program for serving as Judges.

And a shout out to all of the TUSD IT staff who set up, run and troubleshoot all of the media, software, network, and much more to keep us up and running!

Sponsored by the Tustin Public Schools Foundation

A special thank you to TPSF for the continued support of TUSD Robotics and our tournaments.

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