Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)

Nick Grosze

10 facts about LSD

  1. LSD was first found on a fungus at the Sandoz Research Laboratories of Switzerland in 1938.
  2. It causes "trips" which include hallucinations, the inability to focus, and incoherent speech.

Long Term Effects

3. Flashbacks can occur as little as a couple days or as long as a year after taking acid. This is when the brain produces the same feelings and thoughts that recreate the effects of being on acid.

4. LSD users can also experience long-term Psychosis and severe depression.

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Fun Facts about LSD

5. A few negative effects of LSD are tiredness, dry mouth, sweating, high body temperature, nausea, shakiness, intense mood shifts, and increased blood pressure.

6. Over 800,000 people admitted to trying LSD in 2008. These people ranged in ages from 12 to 60 years old.

7. About 66% of acid users claim to have started using the drug to escape the horrors of physical or sexual abuse as a child.

8. One ounce of LSD can get 300,000 people high.

9. LSD use does not show up on a standard urine drug test.

10. LSD is produced in crystal form and is odorless, colorless, and slightly bitter.

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1. Should I take LSD? No.

2. What drug should I do? Don't do drugs...

3. How much does LSD cost? LSD costs on average $5 a hit. Typically it is sold in sheets of 100.