The United Kingdom Government

By: Alaysia O. and Alex D.

The UK Government:

  • The type of government is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy
  • Has a Queen and a 2 house parliament

The House of Lords

The House of Commons

  • The government runs the country and has the responsibility for developing and implementing policy and for drafting laws

Supreme Legislative power is vested in parliament

  • Parliament is the highest legislative authority in the UK.
  • Responsible for checking the work of the government and examining and debating and approving new laws

House of Lords is in charge of revising legislation

The UK has one of the most extensive and most developed systems in the world

Term Lengths:

Are at her Majesty's pleasure. As long as general elections are held no longer than 5 years apart

House of Commons also have to approve proposals for government taxes and spending


  • Political party wins an overall majority in the House of Commons at a general election, forms the new government and its leader becomes prime minister.
  • the prime minister appoints ministers who work in the government departments