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November 26-30, 2018

from J-

Happy Tuesday aka Friday! Upon our return next week, the Delta Team will be meeting on Thursday, November 29th. If you have any possible items you wish to come forward as agenda items, please connect with your feeder leader.

Please ensure you read the calendar invite/email sent from Dr. Liz Cooper on November 19th. In between the upcoming December 12th SLT and Elementary Leadership Job Alike, we will be participating in TalentEd training. We look forward to this system replacing and streamlining many current programs.

Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with families and friends, be grateful, and connect to what's important in your personal life. Upon your return on, I ask that you are fully recharged and ready to be at your best for 20 days as we complete the 1st semester/2nd quarter.

Season of (Thanks) Giving

some resources that we'll be turning to this holiday season — both for inspiration and for tactical support

from Mike

New Student Orientation

We all know how important transitions are in managing a classroom throughout the day. Those teachers that take time to bring closure to a lesson, have clearly defined processes for wrapping up activities, and then take a moment to activate prior knowledge during the introduction of the next learning phase tend to have well-behaved rooms and higher levels of learning. With this in mind, it is worth a look to see how we handle transitions at the building level. Are we setting new students up for success when they transfer into our school?

I would love to get some feedback from you about how your team supports new students -- from the enrollment process, assigning classrooms, getting to know the building, understanding our expectations, and making new friends and helping them build connections. It’s an opportunity to indoctrinate a new member of our school family into the way we do business.

This is a challenging experience for any elementary student and our approach can help to make or break this moment for both them AND their new classmates. If you have some steps that you or your team take to provide extra support for these students I’d love to hear your process. Shoot me a quick email with any information that you may have to share.

Other Notes

Explore job openings are currently posted. Please encourage superstar teachers who are possible admin candidates to consider serving as an Explore principal. Explore calendar dates and sites are coming soon. I will keep you posted.

4 Skills & Traits Great Schools Teach

Most educators are aware of the “Four C’s”..but there are other essential skills & traits that many schools teach, which are not as widely acknowledged, but are extremely important.

from AAA

AAA has moved to the Bentley Administrative Center! The SIS and Records phone line were merged on November 2, so questions for both areas should call 523-4747 or x33747. The AAA department includes Analytics, Accountability Assessment, SIS (eSchool team) and Records.


· Power Hour! Trainings will resume December 4 and will now be at the Bentley Administrative Center, room 145, every Tuesday from 9:00 – 10:30 am. Please complete this Google Form to register.

Assessment Dates

· 11/26/18 – 12/20/18

o MOY i-Ready testing window

o Kindergarten Dyslexia screening window

§ 12/21/18 – Deadline for kindergarten dyslexia data entry into data portal

· 12/4/18 – 12/12/18

o Second Quarter EOC testing window

· 1/7/19 – 3/1/19

o ACCESS for ELL district testing

Core Data

December 1 is the official Child Count date for State Reporting! Please make sure that the registration of your students is up-to-date by 4:30 pm on December 1st!

· Attending Students – any student attending should be enrolled and scheduled.

· Active Students – any active student who is not attending should be withdrawn, including “no-shows” as well as students who have left the District.

· Inactive Students – any inactive student who have attended even one hour of school must have a schedule.

NOTE: For students registered to your building as the home school, but attending an alternative program (AIMS, Study Alternative, Middle College, PALS, Solutions, etc.) or for out-of-district students going to Phelps, only enrolling/withdrawing the students is needed. The staff at AIMS, Study Alternative, Middle College and PALS will assign the Program, Homeroom and Course Schedules for these students.

Have a Question?

· eSchool Help Ticket – use this form to enter information regarding eSchool issues or concerns

· – send your general comments or questions here about PowerBI, assessment or accountability

· SPS Data Request Form - place your data requests here and email with further questions

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