Microsoft Teams Using an iPad

For Students

Microsoft Teams is the official for platform Edgewood ISD virtual learning! All PK-12th grade students have an Office 365 account which include Microsoft Teams. Student's FERPA and privacy rights are protected with Teams.

Teachers and students can communicate via chat or webcam using Teams. Assignments can also be assigned, turned in, and graded in Teams.

Option 1: Teams App using a student iPad - Tutorial Below

The iPads should already be configured to login to Teams, if for some reason it is not logged in, here are the directions to login.

Sample Student Email Address:

Sample Password (six digit date of birth): 050709 (MMDDYY)

Option 2: Access Teams Directly Through Classlink on an iPad

Students can access their Teams directly through Classlink!

  1. Login to Classlink
  2. Click on Teams

Classlink can be accessed at or using the Classlink App.

Students can also access Teams in Office 365 which is also available in Classlink or sign in directly using the Microsoft Teams App.

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Option 3: Go Directly To Microsoft Teams Website

Sample Email Address:

Password: Six Digit Date of Birth

Microsoft Teams Student and Parent Overview

Microsoft Teams Student and Parent Overview

For Technical Support Call or Email

Call 210-898-4021 or Email