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Tutankhamun's family

In ancient Egyptian times family was very complicated Especially if you had Royal blood. Tutankhamun was born 1341BC. Tutankhamun had two siblings, his siblings names were Smenkhkare (his brother) and Ankhesenamun (his sister). After Tutankhamun's mother (the younger lady) died his father (Akhenaten) married Ankhesenamun (Tutankhamun's sister) so she became his sister/stepmother. When Akhenaten died Tutankhamun was seven and to young to rule so his brother, Smenkhkare ruled for two years and then died. After that Tutankhamun became pharaoh at the age of 9 he married his sister/stepmother. After Tutankhamun died of gang green his uncle took over the throne and married Tutankhamun's sister/stepmother. King Tut and Cleopatra could possibly be related

Tutankhamun's death

Tutankhamun died at the age of 19 by then he had ruled for 10 year. He died in 1360BC. He died from something called gang- green, gang-green is pretty much when your rotting but your still alive. He got gang-green from a complicated fracture (when the bone come tough the skin)

it smells really bad. your slowly dying minute by minute and in ancient Egypt there was no medicine or way to stop death from it. After he died his leg had to be cut off before he was Mummyfided.

Tutankhamun facts

  • Tutankhamun was the 18th dynasty in the period of Egypt called the new kingdom.
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