Sections 3

What you need to know

● What is a credit card? So you have have to pay month to month in full payment.

● Where can you use credit cards? Any where there is an ATM, an any store that take visa, master card. etc.

● What are the benefits and costs of using credit cards? you can you the card pretty much anywhere and even thought you go over drawn they give you 2 day to pay off. also you card wisely don't go over drawn to much it will cause bad credit and Try to pay in cash not always credit cards


Annual Fees : Fees that you get every month.

Credit Limit : where you cant go over the amount you have

Interest Rate :The rate you get when you have good credit score

● Penalty Fees :fees That you get when you don't pay for the use of that amount.

Over-the-limit : fee you have to pay a fee for using over the limit.