Temperate Grasslands

By: Sarah C, Chelsea S, Chris M, & Alex R

Temperate Grasslands

Temperate Grasslands have the richest soil in the world. Because it is so rich, many people use it for farming. In North America, the Grasslands are known as prairies.

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The Abiotic Factors

In the summer, the temperature can reach a high of 100°F. In the winter the temperature can reach a low -40°F. The rainfall normally ranges from 10-35 inches of rainfall per year in the late spring and summer. Seasonal drought may cause forest fires which is a big role. Lightning also eliminates majority of the trees which makes the temperate grasslands so open.

Geographic Location

Temperate grasslands originate in North America. It is mostly in the central area of the country with minimal plants and life because of the hot and dry climate. Grasslands are also found in other countries around the world. The names of the grasslands around the world are the Veldts of South Africa, the Puszta of Hungary, the Pampas of Argentina and Uruguay, and the Steppes of Russia and China.

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Vegetation and Animals in the Grasslands

America's Grasslands: A Threatened National Treasure
Temperate Grasslands Biome

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