"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 12-5-14

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Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!

Yee-Haws to the Ranch Staff:

I'm so proud to work at Solana Ranch and to work along so many dedicated and talented educators! It was with great (Hawk) pride that I escorted our supportive superintendent, Dr. Lynch, and two of our Board Members, Julie Union and Holly Lewry around our dynamic school. It is exciting to see students engaged in every room in thoughtful, rigorous, collaborative, and purposeful learning.

Go Hawks!

Put First Things First (Announcements/Reminders)

  • The Hour of Code is next week! Ashley will be doing coding with students in the Lab. Students can continue in your classes if you wish. More info on: http://code.org
  • Common Core Training Tuesday - Bell, Carlson, Kuo, Musella and Wednesday - Bell, Pontes, Malandra, Jordan
  • Staff Meeting on Wednesday AM - To discuss district Learning Walks and Site PLCs
  • Light House Training on Thursday - Carlson, Magalnick, Butler, Cullins, Samuelson, Wright, Pontes, Watson, Pace, and Casas
  • PTO luncheon on Thursday!
  • Friday Assembly
  • Happy Birthday to Katie Pontes on Monday and Kathy Schmedding on Thursday!

Sharpen The Saw

  • See you Saturday at Bix's for our Staff Party! Don't forget your ugly sweater and your White Elephant
  • Bring in your holiday cards so that we can put our staff and family pictures up.

Enjoy your weekends! Looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow!

Who Am I?

  • I almost always wear dresses/skirts
  • Most of my shoes have 3+ inch heels
  • I am a foodie and love to cook
  • I used to play professional football; running back
  • My name at birth was almost Jose.

Answer: Neva Magalnick

My son keeps a gratitude journal in his 4th grade class. Happiness and gratitude helps in all facets of life. Thank you Julie for sharing this link and thank you to each of you for modeling gratitude to our students! Happiness is contagious.

Talk about Heart, Grit and Persistence. Thank you Sue for sharing.

E:60 Will Power (narrated by Dan Gable)