Do You Feel Depressed?

Did you know?

Therese J. Borchard the author the author of the article, "Why are so Many Teens Depressed" Stated that, "Approximately 20 percent of teens experience depression before they reach adulthood, and between 10 to 15 percent suffer from symptoms at any one time."

How to Tell if you have Depression

Physical Symptoms

  1. Stomach Problems
  2. Head aches

Emotional problems

  1. Withdrawal from socializing
  2. Loss in previous favorite hobbies

Social Symptoms

  1. Lost your interest in hangout with friends
  2. Hard to get motives to socialize

Behavioral Symptoms

  1. They tend to complain (reckless, aggression)
  2. sleep problems

Other Symptoms

  1. Feel sad
  2. lonely


Who has been affected by this?

This maybe a quite of a shock, but Robin Williams had depression. He committed suit side around a year ago. He tried to hind this from the public, but it was just to much so he had to let it out.