Español 3

May 4-8

Week 16

The end is quickly approaching! This week students are finishing up Unit 8, lessons 4-5. On Friday, May 8 at 11:55pm, ALL of Unit 8, lessons 1-5 are due. This includes a Unit 8 final project and updating the eLinguaFolio. Please speak with your students and remind them that ALL of Unit 8 is due this Friday!

The last two weeks of the semester, week 17 (May 11-15) and week 18 (May 18-22), students will be working on the FINAL PROJECT Unit which consists of 3 parts: attending an RLC for the Final Project, a Final Project exam and creating a Final Project. The Final Project Unit is 25% of the student's final grade.

Here is a summary of the way a student's grades are calculated:

Assignments in this course are broken down into the following percentages:

· Participation (includes Getting Started, eLinguafolio and RLC) 10%

· Speaking and Listening Assignments (Hablar and Escuchar) 15%

· Reading and Writing Assignments (Leer and Escribir) 15%

· Vocabulary Quizzes (Pruebas de Vocabulario) 20%

· Cultural activities (Actividades Culturales) 15%

· Summative Projects (Proyectos Finales) 25%

The total course grade (block courses) is calculated as follows:

· Quarter 1 37.5%

· Quarter 2 37.5%

· Final Project 25%

This week's calendar (Week 16)

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Required Live Classes (RLCs)

Like all units, students are required to attend an RLC for Unit 8. This is the last week to attend an RLC for Unit 8. There are 5 opportunities for students to attend this week.
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Extra Credit Opportunities in the Culture Cafe!

Students have 2 opportunities this week to attend a Culture Cafe for extra credit. Please speak with your student to see if they need extra credit. There are two this week: one about Cinco de Mayo and another one about Spanish art. After attending, students are required to write a reflection (info can be found on the Moodle page under Culture Cafe). Students can contact me if they have any questions. Students can attend any Culture Cafe seminar on any topic to get the extra credit.
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Peer Tutor Center

As the semester quickly winds down, does your student need help with last minute assignments? The Peer Tutor Center is here to help!

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Shout outs for NCVPS teachers! A chance for students to give a shout out for teachers!

The NCVPS teachers love doing shout outs about their NCVPS students each day. As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches, we want our NCVPS students, to have a chance to give THEIR NCVPS teacher a SHOUT OUT that we can share with everyone during Teacher Appreciation Week. We hope students will participate!

Students click here to participate!

Feedback from students

NCVPS is seeking student feedback as we continue to review and revise our processes and services. Please ask your student to take a moment to complete the survey form below. This feedback is very important! Students are being asked to participate in this survey because, as a student, they are in a unique position to provide feedback on what they have learned from the experience, supply information about our program, and offer suggestions for improvement. This online survey will take about ten-fifteen minutes to fill out and asks students to rate their experience in their most recent NCVPS course. Please complete the survey no later than Wednesday, May 13, 2015.


Please provide feedback specific to the course in which you are responding. Click here for the survey!

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Please look over your student's grades and contact me if you have any concerns. In addition, please encourage your student to complete all assignments to make sure they are achieving the maximum possible in their online class!

Beverly Aguirre

336-242-8088 (cell)

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