KidSport Update

Winter Session: Week 1 & 2

Week 1 & 2 -Recreational Classes Update

We are just finishing up our first two weeks of the session. There have been many big smiles as they come in the door ready to learn! For some of the littles, this is a new experience for them and are a bit nervous. Don't worry parents, this is normal and they will become more comfortable with the routine of the classes.

The focus of the first two weeks is to introduce the events to our gymnasts and learn how to safely participate on the events. This may be a review for those of you who have been at KidSport for awhile, but safety is always important to go back and review.

Lessons covered in week one and two:

Tots/Tykes, Tykes & Kinder

- Introducing how the classes run. Learning the safety landings of "Jump-Freeze!" , how to keep a tight body, swinging on the bars, roll down the wedges and our Goodbye song.

Novice (girls and boys)

-Safety rolls, gymnastics shapes, learning/practicing how to use a spring board correctly, different hand grips on bars, tramp rules and skills

Intermediate 1

-review of safety rules, confidence climbs on bars, practice of pull overs on bars, rolls, jumps and leaps on beam, forward rolls over vault, jumps and review of rolls on floor, etc.

Intermediate 2

-review of safety rules, hop up front handspring off on vault, review rolls and work handstands in correct position on beam, hop and tap swing progressions on bars, backdrops and peanut rolls on tramp, etc.

Tramp & Tumble

-learning safety rolls, dive rolls and crash dive, forward and backward rolls, etc.

Snow Days

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Snow Days

It is that time of year again where the weather is unpredictable. KidSport follows the Winona School District lead when it comes to closures. If the district has an early release or a snow day, KidSport will as well.

KidSport will also be sending out emails to affected families. Make sure that you have opted in to receive our emails (see picture below). There will also be posts about any closures on both of our social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram.

Instructions to "opt-in" to the email blasts:

1. Log into your account.

2. Go to My Account

3. Click on Account Information

4. On the right hand side you should see your email. Click on the arrow next to your email.

5. Scroll down until you see what is in the picture below. Make sure you click on the YES.

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1. As winter is here, please make sure that everyone is removing their shoes before entering the gym/lobby. You can then bring your shoes/boots in and place them in the black plastic containers.

2. Gymnasts will continue to need water bottles as our drinking fountains are closed. They will keep them in the gym with them to use during practice.

3. Please make sure that hair is secured back. This is a safety concern as hair gets in the eye and they cannot see or it can get caught in the equipment.

4. Your monthly tuition is due on the 1st of each month. If you have signed up for auto-pay, the charge will occur on the 2nd of each month.

5. Pick-up: Please make sure that you are telling your child that you will meet them either by the back door (by Charter Spectrum) or in the hallway right outside the KidSport exit door. We do have staff walking the gymnasts out to the back door and waiting with them until their ride is there. They are not supervised if you meet them in the front of the building.

6. As much as we wish we had room for our families to watch in the gym, we currently do not have the room. The former lobby is being utilized as an extension of the pre-school gym. It is very distracting to the littles to have people in that area. You are welcome to watch through the glass doors.

Winter Colds and COVID

If your child is not feeling well, remember that rest is always best! We ask for you to keep your child home if they are experiencing any COVID or Flu-like symptoms to reduce the spread. Please see the resources below if you or a family member tests positive for COVID.

COVID Symptoms:

Close Contact:

Team Update


KidSport Team 1 and 2 had their first meet in 658 days on Dec. 5th! It was a great time to shake off the nerves and learn what it feels like to compete again. We are so excited for their season.

Teams 3, 4 and 5 have their first meet this coming weekend! This will be the first time for the majority of them ever competing. Good Luck Girls!!

Upcoming Meets:

Dec. 11 Team 4 & 5 @ Owatonna

Dec. 12 Team 1, 2 & 3 @ Minnetonka

Jan. 8 Team 1-5 @ Winona Middle School

Jan. 22 Team 1-5 @ Winona Middle School

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Instructor Spotlight

Ms. Alyssa

Ms. Alyssa has been with KidSport for the past 4 years. You may have seen her in many of our classes. Ms. Alyssa coaches anything from Parent Tot classes to our Team 2!

Quick Interview:

1. What do you like best about coaching?

  • "I like to coach because I am able to help gymnasts achieve their goals and watch them grow as gymnasts and as people over the time I am with them."

2. What is your favorite event to coach?

  • "My favorite event to coach is bars."

3. How long did you do gymnastics?

  • "I competed for about 5 years."

4. What was your favorite event to compete?

  • "My favorite event to compete was floor."