News from Room 17!

Whew! What a month!

Learning Routines and Working Together

As school began, we had many new routines and procedures to cover. From walking in the hall, turning in our work, to where we play at recess, there was a lot to learn! An important part of third grade is working together as a team. We began the year with an activity I call "toothpaste". We worked with our team to get as much of the toothpaste back in the tube as possible, using only a straw, q-tip and popsicle stick! In the end, we realized by listening to each others ideas and working cooperatively, we could be the most successful. We also learned a valuable lesson: that our words are like the toothpaste, and what comes out of our mouths we can never get fully back in, and so to think very carefully about what we say and speak kindly to each other.

Descriptive Writing

We listened to the descriptive language in the story Go Away, Big Green Monster , ( click link on title above) . Then we drew our OWN monsters. We then had to write a description our monster that our friends in Mrs. Brown's class would read and draw from our language ( without seeing the picture!) . Finally, we compared our monsters! We knew we had done well if their drawing looked like our original!

Towson Interns!

Every Thursday, we get to work with our Towson Interns! They are a wonderful group who plan very interesting and engaging lessons that correspond to our BCPS unit on Matter! This week, the students timed each other to see how fast they could melt an ice cube. They learned about states of matter and friction while having a wonderful time!


I've been showing the students how to access BCPSONE! They have their log in information inside their agenda books. They are using this log in to sign in to any computer here at school now, and will use it for their devices when they arrive. Many of the programs we will be using will be accessed by the students through BCPSONE, so I felt we would get a head start familiarizing ourselves with how to use these cool tools like Wixie, Dreambox, and Padlet. They will learn more in the coming weeks!
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Welcome to our new student: Chloe Choe!

Chloe just moved to Jacksonville last week and comes from Summit Park Elementary School. She is a FANTASTIC addition to our classroom! She fits right in and has been a delight to get to know! Please welcome her when you see her!