The ME Project

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Samantha I'm a fifteen year old girl, living in Ontario, and am attending Louise Arbour SS. I enjoy the simple/exciting things in life which is why I spend most of my time most of my time with my friends either at school or over each others houses, listening to music when in the car, playing sports inside and outside of school, and attending extracurricular that I have decided to become a member of. Being born the youngest out of three kids I have learned how to speak up so I can be heard and that being the youngest pressure comes in the meet you parents expectations just like your older siblings did. I have been told and I have noticed myself that some of my personality traits include

that I'm caring, shy, energetic, and sensitive.

My Favourite Things

I have a lot of things I like but my main three would be:

  • Anime - I have been watch anime for a long time now I continue to watch this type of art style because the story line is more interesting than American cartoons.
  • Sports - I have always loved sport I have been do activities for as long as I remember and as a result I have gotten medals and ribbons with my teammates or by myself from my love to be active.
  • K-pop - I listened to K-pop when I was 10 for the first time I wasn't that interested and forgot about it but I was re-introduced into in last year and have gown to really like the message some of the song are giving.

My schooling

Pre school

My favourite memory from preschool was when I met my first friend and her name was Lisa

Kindergarten - Grade Three (Mount Royal Public School)

My favourite memory in that school was the friendships I made since I was there since kindergarten I was able to make great friends that had the same interest as I did.

Grade Three -Grade 5 (Hewson Public School)

My favorite memory from Hewson was when my friends planned a surprise party for me I was happy I didn't think they remembered

Grade 6 - Grade 8 (Sunny View Middle School)

My favourite member was joining the school band and getting to work with people that have been in the singing and acting business. It was a great experience that will stay with me for a lifetime.

Grade 9 - Present (Louise Arbour Secondary School )

I don't have favourite memory of Louise Arbour Secondary School because I just came here from last year But I do like all the activities that the school has.

How To Keep A Friend

  1. Keep in touch - whether its talking oh the phone, hanging out at the movies, or just plain texting each other
  2. Don't be clingy - this is hard as you like being around this person, you are able to tell if you're clingy if you're friend never has time to do activities with you and you always start the conversion
  3. Don't leave them out - if you leave them out of activities they might start thinking that you don't want to hangout or be close friends away
  4. Don't insult them - this should be common sense but insulting your friend is one of the things you could do if your trying to continue being friends with them. If you both decided together that that word is used as joke then that is fine but if they don't know your joking arrangement could come out of it.
  5. Don't lie - trust is the most important thing in any good friendship if this person trust you so should be able to continue the friendship, you can find out if they trust you by the secrets they tell you as people don't randomly tell you things about there personal life.

Poeple in my life

One important person I know I can always trust is my sister I have been with her since birth and over the years have realized how special one person can be to me she is there when I'm sad, scared, and happy. I find my self most having the most fun when I'm around her.

furture careers

Doctor - I have always wanted to be a doctor ever since I was little when I would dress up and play it with my cousin

Teacher - I feel that this would most likely be the job I aspire too because I love children and have loved the thought of being in charge of an environment like a classroom and hoped that it was aspire them to be one too