Food shortage

Food Shortage in the Confederate states

Why slaves are needed

In the confederate part of the United States there is a on going food shortage and one of the reasons is the lack of slaves people have. People can't maintain their crops and due to how the union is industrialized it's hard to find areas to grow food. Also the number of men going in to the war is affecting the crops because they can't maintain it if they're fighting

The Struggle

The average family right now is spending about $6.45 a month on food, but some not even that. Its hard to even get ahold of the food in the first place even staple foods like rice and corn. Meat is no longer a essential either it was a once a week luxury. Only very wealthy people can afford the high prices on food. A good point is the union is doing just fine and they don't have slavery. Are they doing something right? Think about it.