RtI Tidbit!

November Edition

A SART non-negotiable...

The purpose of a SART meeting is to collaborate and problem solve...come up with an instructional strategy that has not been used to support learning. In order to do this, data must be utilized. So what data need to be there? The reading teacher needs to bring at least three weeks of running records. The math teacher can bring anecdotal notes collected during guided math time. Also...not be left out, but parent contact data needs to be shared as well. If this data is not present, then the problem solving process will not be effective.

Below is a link to the district's RtI Live Binder. Please take a look around. There are many resources available to teachers to help them as they reflect on student learning.

An answer to a frequently asked question... "How long does a student receive TIER 2 intervention?"

There are three words that will answer this question... "It depends." I know, not the answer that we want to hear... Why not a clearer answer? Because in education there are a lot of different variables that affect learning...rarely is it a simple clear-cut answer. Here is a list of variables that can impact how long an intervention might need to take place...

1. Fidelity...has the student been receiving the "intervention" routinely?

2. Progress monitoring...what does the data say?

3. The student's level of academic engagement. Are they participating in their learning? If no, why not?

4. Staff attendance...has the teacher been present? Or did she/he miss several days of school?

5. The student's health...has the student been out of school due to illness?

6. Attendance is also a variable. Are they absent just because? Are they new to our district and have move around a lot?

7. Hearing and vision...does the student have normal hearing and vision?

8. Instruction...has the teacher used instructional strategies that support the student's learning style?

TIER 2 support should be provided a minimum of 6 weeks. However, if teachers have questions there is support! Here are the "go to" people... Campus SART, Instructional Coachs, and Intervention Specialist. You can also email Kimberly McDougald and/or Bobbye McCain and they can answer questions as well.

Finally... an opportunity for a JEANS PASS!

If you complete the following sentence stem in an email to me, I will send your name on a JEANS PASS to Mr. Blake.

An intervention is ____________________________________________________.