The Colony of Georgia

Webb Montgomery

Region and Founding

Georgia was a southern colony founded by James Olgethorpe as relief for the poor English. The colony also served as a buffer between the Carolinas and Spanish Florida

Government and Economy

They were a Royal Colony and their economy was based upon agriculture (Indigo, rice, sugar, etc..)

Colonial Conflict

When conflict broke out between British America and Spanish Florida, the colony of Georgia had many of the first casualties. This was known as the Battle of Bloody Marsh and took place in 1742.

People of the Colony

They were typically English, but the population included Scotts-Irish, Italians, Swiss and others. The population count at 1790 was 13,103 The slave count was 29,264.

Role in American Revolution and Constitution

In the American Revolution Georgia's colony served as a battleground. The Colony of Georgia also had an Ordinance ratifying the U.S. Constitution.

An Interesting Fact

The colonists planned for silk to be Georgia's top product because of the Colony's mulberry trees and silkworms. This failed, leaving rice, indigo and lumber to become Georgia's primary resource instead.