Wong Family Summer List

Things to do on the hot days of summer

Check off the stuff as you do it!

Go to a library class
Go to the park
Go out for ice cream
Visit a museum
Water flowers
Make homemade ice cream
Get a sprinkler
Play with sidewalk chalk
Play hopscotch
Play with bubbles
Sort through books
Visit a natural history museum
Eat watermelon, berries, corn on the cob and popsicles
Go biking
Have a game and movie day in our PJs
Go through Kaylee's closet
Go through Cai's closet
Go to the zoo
Go to the aquarium
Play night games outside with flashlights
Visit a pick your own fruit farm
Go to the beach
Go to the pool
Clean the hall closet
Tie dye something
Go to the Farmer’s Market
Go to a planetarium
Paint the walls in the downstairs
Refinish the basement
Put together home movies from Mommy's computer
Attend a lake concert with the kids
Be “screen free” from 10-5 every day
Eat outside