Book Genres!

12 genres

Realistic Fiction!

Stories and books that can happen for reality but didn't actually happen

Historical Fiction!


Fantasy stories can have fake, imaginative creatures such as, dragons, wizards, monsters, and, oher things.
Historical Fiction is a story based on the past, it could have happened at the time the story is about


An Autobiography is a story about the author's personal life


A Memoir is a story about the author's memory

Science Fiction!

Science fiction stories can have futuristic ideas such as robots and space ships, but can also include realistic themes with different types of traits


A Mystery stories's plot involves a mystery or a case, including detective stories


Horror books can be thrilling to some readers. It can include scary characters and settings


A love story with major and dramatic events


A Humor story is a funny, enjoyable book


An exciting, adventurous story with many scenes and actions.


A Biography is a written story on someone else's life.
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This Biography is about Abraham Lincoln and the last days of his life including his last day, the assassination.