7th Grade Science

Weeks of 10/26 + 11/2


This week we begin our Physics unit with power, work, + simple machines. There will be a test on simple machines on Friday (10/30). Study guides will be completed in class on Wednesday/Thursday. The following week we intro forces. Vocab quiz on Friday, 11/6.

Essential Questions + Standards

7.P.2.4 + 7.P.1.2

  • When + how is work done? (10/26)
  • How does a simple machine's mechanical advantage make work easier? (10/27 to 10/30)
  • What are key terms relevant to force? (11/2)
  • What type of force results in motion? (11/3)
  • What is gravity? (11/4)
  • What factors impact elastic force? (11/5 to 11/6)
OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine - Official Video

Tentative Schedule

MONDAY (10/26)

Classwork: Work + Power Guided Notes, Practice Problems, + Video Clips

HW: WS 19.1 + 19.2 ALL


Classwork: Simple Machines Guided Notes + Rube Goldberg Brain Activity

HW: Finish Rube Goldberg Brain Draft


Classwork: Simple Machines Stations

HW: Finish Rube Goldberg Brain


Classwork: Simple Machines Stations + Study Guide

HW: Study for Test!


Classwork: Simple Machines Stations, Review + Test

HW: None

MONDAY (11/2)

Classwork: Force Vocab + Finish Stations

HW: Finish Vocab


Classwork: Unbalanced + Balanced Force Discussion + Notes; Mass + Weight Lab

HW: Nature of Force and Forces 4 + 5 Sheet


Classwork: Gravity Discussion + Notes; Newton + Hooke Reading Selection

HW: Review Vocab


Classwork: Bungee Clip + Elastic Force Lab

HW: Study for Vocab Quiz


Classwork: Flashback Friday, Bungee Reading Selection, Vocab Quiz + Bill Nye Simple Machines

HW: None