Virtue Squad Newsletter

October 2015

It's Officially Holiday Time!

Hello Ladies!

It is official, The Holidays have commenced! The busiest selling season is upon us. YOU are the key to your success. YOU are your best product. How are you setting up your Holiday selling season? December 10th is our Holiday shipping cut off. Less than 30 days are left. Got a plan? Here are some take aways from my experience and other Leaders!

  • Turkey Trot- Still time to get 6 (or 12) ladies together to sell $200 (or $100) over the Thanksgiving Holiday!
  • Zipper Pouch Fundraiser
  • Holiday Open House
  • Top Hostess Giftapalooza
  • Pre-Order Littles Gift Baskets

I will post more on the team page today about each of the above

Diva Did It Challenge #1

Diva Did It Challenges are designed to get you thinking and DOING, specific activities to generate business! I'm Listing those who Did and Didn't do the challenge. If you participate in the challenge there could be a prize! I guess you have to participate to see ;) By placing your name on the DIDN'T List its not to call you out, I just want to celebrate the ladies who consistently do the extra in their business. Maybe to motivate you a little bit too, LOL!

Challenge #1 Love Language Quiz:

Diva DID it:

Cathy Lanham
Stacey Sears
Cheryl Driesbaugh
Kathy Hicks


Sonia Johnson

Chrissy Dewey

Shannon Townson

Diva Did It Challenge #2

Apparently not a very motivating challenge...
Don't worry! If you didn't get to it by the deadline, still do it for your own personal satisfaction.

Diva DID it:

Kathy Hicks

Diva DIDN'T:

Cheryl Driesbaugh

Cathy Lanham

Stacey Sears

Sonia Johnson

Chrissy Dewey

Shannon Townsend

$1000 Club

New to the Vitue Squad is the $1,000 Club
What is it?

By selling $1000 per month you will enjoy the perk of FREE Catalogs/Minis/Order forms.

Each Month you sell $1000 you can choose from one of the above^^^ for the following month. Who will be my 1st inductee?!?!?!?!


Chrissy Dewey $652.00

Congratulations Chrissy! Way to go you worked your business and won a $50 Thirty-One Gift Certificate for winning the $200 challenge in October with 3 entries!


Stacey Sears 2 Parties

Congratulations Stacey! I'm so proud of you for pouring iunto your business and holding 2 parties in October!

Kathy's October 2015 Director Stats

$3,554.00 In Sales

7 Parties


1. Chrissy Dewey $652.00

2. Stacey Sears $571.00

3. Cheryl Driesbaugh $255.00

Way to work your business's girls!!

Important Dates

  1. Spring Product Premiere Saturday October 5th 10 AM- Please let me know if you plan to attend the Olive Garden Lunch with SED Erin Putney following ( RSVP by 11/24)
  2. Holiday Shipping Cut Off: December 10th. Please get all Ho,iday Gift orders submitted prior to the 10th. All orders after will not be priorty shipped and not guarenteed to be deliverable before Christmas.
  3. Spring Catalog Launch: February 1st


Ladies I would like to do a Holiday dinner at Libbs SuperClub before the end of December. I want you to know how much I appreciate you all and gathering together to share my appreciation would mean so much to me. I will get some dates together and post on the team page. I wish you all a wonderful November and a Very Happy Thanksgiving!